Pippie's cloned skin

Its utterly amazing that we can actually do this. I’ve been following the story out of morbid curiosity and am pleased to hear that the skin has attached itself with no undue issues.

A video clip showing some of the procedure below:

I do love living in this era with all its “miracles”. Just the mere fact that we can go to the dentist and have a root canal done without any pain, we can “grow/stretch” bone, we can run around with an artificial heart, hell I’ve got a 10 year old plastic hip that gives me zero trouble even on cold days… It is so overwhelming I can weep from frustration that so many people does not recognise our specie’s brilliance and insist on dying in agony with their hands clasped together in a final prayer…

Her parents went on and on about how good Jesus has been to them. Hardly a word of thanks to the surgeon and scientists involved. And apparently the freak accident that necessitated the procedure in the first place wasn’t the work of Jesus…

But don’t you see? Jesus not only made it possible for the scientists and surgeons to become technically proficient, he also contrived reality and humans in such a way that the latter could, through appropriate effort and perseverance, fathom the intricacies of the former. And burning the little girl was clearly The Evil One’s doing and not, perish the thought, Jesus’, so it’s Praise the Lard whichever way you look at it… |-O


Medical professionals must be a very tolerant and selfless subculture. If I was a skilled physician, and after hours of painstaking and intensive surgery, was treated to this type of thing, I’d prolly blow up and go into a sulk.


I have an older colleague here whose son is studying medical, very xtian family, the lad approached his father sometime late last year and “confessed” to him that he has lost his faith as he couldnt reconcile it with real life as he is experiencing it, along with his scienctific related education and that he will henceforth not be attending anything religious with his family. It broke the old man’s heart but from the look of it he’s made peace with it at this point of time. I suspect the non-religious medical fraternity has long ago made peace with “ungrateful” patients and simply practice their skills for personal satisfaction and gratification only.

I listened to an interview on 702 with Pippies surgeon last night, and the man was breathless in excitement and optimism for his craft, here’s a young man taking immense pride and joy in doing groundbreaking work in his field in this country, I seriously doubt he cares a flying fart whether the parents praise him or the sky fairy, he’s overjoyed at what HE accomplished and what he will be able to do with this skilll in future. Nice stuff.

Yup, I hate to sound like Ayn Rand, but I do sometimes wonder whether rational people the world over shouldn’t all one day go on strike, all simultaneously. :slight_smile:

Not that I actually mind religion all that much, or people thanking their god in cases like this. But jeez, one would swear science had nothing whatever to do with it. And what if you asked these people whether they think “alternative theories of human origins” should be taught in science class? I wonder what they would say?

What is often lost on these people, is that little god-fearing girls (not that they’re so special as to deserve special attention…) have been subject to horrendous injuries since the dawn of time. Child-loving (but not in a creepy way) jesus sure took his sweet goddamn time to “reveal” these groundbreaking medical procedures so that little Pippy could finally be the first recipient of it, praising him as all those before her had no opportunity to do. They had to suffer or die. dog is great!

Consider me once again well chuffed with “evil” medical science. Bring on the evil I say! If the devil is the source of all this science stuff then I say bring him on! It sure beats the works of his fellow deities.

This is the stuff that makes me yearn to live just long enough for medical science to sort out old-age. Every day, as I read more and more reports about absolutely stupifying advances in medical science, I grow more aware that we(younger folk) may be on a cusp where we may have to watch our elders die only to find eternal youth ourselves. Or, somewhat more likely, are the ones who are the last to fall to the ravages of old age. Things are afoot, in the next 20 years amazing things will be done, in the next 50, immortality doesn’t seem like such a reach to me.

Science brings wonder and hope once again with a healthy dollop of cold hard reality.

It’s not just in connection with gratitude that is misdirected at religious woo, though. Hardly unexpectedly, a good proportion of medical people are religious. Next time you visit your GP or a specialist, engage them in a conversation about CAM modalities, e.g. iridology or aromatherapy or something. You’ll find that as soon as you profess any doubt or scepticism, they drop their apparent non-committal reserve, which they have cultivated so as to avoid any possibility of offending their patients, and open up like a floodgate. At least, that’s been our experience in quite a few cases.


Let’s not forget that the skin was cloned. One week cloning is “playing God”, the next week God gets the credit for it. Some people have difficulty in distinguishing between omnipotence and impotence.

Good point. (Of course, it’s still all glory to god for being so wise and powerful as to make humans so that they not only can aspire to be like him, but can also succeed a little bit at it.)

Or hypersensitivity from hypocrisy.