Planet X comming this year

I recently received an email about comet Elenin that will be passing near Earth later this year with links to a a forum called Planet X and 2012 Survivor’s Town Hall. They have support topics like “Coping with 2012 Rejection” :slight_smile:

Some of these guys think that Planet X is actually going to come by this year and not next year like the Mayans predict. They say the planet is actually comet Elenin, which is not a comet, but a planet orbiting the “companion brown dwarf star” to our Sun. Elenin will align with the Sun and wreak havoc on Earth, like earthquakes etc. The Elenin is ‘code’ for a meteor shower E-xtinction L-evel E-vent N-otable I-mpact N-emesis. This planet actually has a name: Planet Nibiru (cue dramatic music)

The email included links to very entertaining videos:

The short version:

BREAKING News: Comet Elenin! ALERT

Longer version with more detail and the cover-up conspiracy

COMET ELENIN = Extinction Level Event Nibiru Is Near

and a prophecy update

Japan Earthquake,in USA warns Russia, Madrid fault, Super Moon, Comet Elenin (Mirror)

and the woo-tide continue unabated