Poachers and the Almighty Father

On Quora, I answered the question “Do you think poachers deserve to be eaten alive by lions, like it happened in South Africa?

If you really want to you can read my answer here:


But it’s a comment I got that I just couldn’t resist sharing here:

If that is the level of discourse on the poaching issue, I sure don’t have much hope for rhinos…

Uh, clearly if the lions are eating humans they don’t own, they’re the poachers.

I have since had a whole exchange with the commenter, during which she lurched from one crazy idea to the next. There is no hope for rhinos. Or, probably, white ous.

HISSSSS, HISSSSSSSSSS I SAY! BEGONE! Begone bringers of all human misery!

Particularly that Van Riebeeck bloke…