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Hi from Germany,

as PZ Meyers and several Science Blogs in Germany have pointed out, see:

http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2009/10/gaaaah_homeopaths_on_a_poll.php and [url=http://[/url]

homeopaths are no. 2 and catching up fast in a poll for a social dedication award. If you would like to vote for a really good cause instead, I suggest to vote for “Sozialhelden”, the current no. 1, a group that works with creative activities to make people aware of social problems and take action, see: http://www.sozialhelden.de/. If you would like to support them, go to this link:


Vote for your choice (my recommendation is Sozialhelden for a great cause) and click on the “Stimme abgeben” beneath their name. Click on the “Jetzt Ranking Anzeigen” to see the status. Don’t hit the “Jetzt ranking ansehen” button until you have voted, because that prevents you from voting.

Amardeo Sarma

Done - seems the tide has turned against the water mongers - check the latest poll results - flippin excellent!

Not really - in the last two days the homeopaths have received 1000 more votes than Sozialhelden. At this rate they will be number 1 again in a week.

Perhaps it is the German that results in possible misunderstanding (I don’t think I have misunderstood), but this seems to suggest success for the Sozialhelden cause: Results as at this posting:

Raul Krauthausen, SOZIALHELDEN e.V.
6382 Stimmen

Elisabeth von Wedel, Homöopathen ohne Grenzen e.V.
3703 Stimmen

Now, I would hate to post this reply and have other readers of it, now neglect to go and vote - so please go and vote - but my point that it seems to be working was based on the above first place ranking of Sozialhelden.

I will do my best to rally more votes!

Thanks for posting this Amardeo - worthy cause.


Done. Feel like such an activist! ;D

Just noting that the homeopaths continue to catch up, the lead of Sozialhelden is now below 2000.

I see them catching up - this really is a problem.

I have emailed another guy I know on Facebook - he knows a whole bunch of folk in the US - I have asked for their votes.

Aktuelles Ranking (31/11/2009 5:00 pm)
  1. Raul Krauthausen, SOZIALHELDEN e.V.
    11054 Stimmen

  2. Elisabeth von Wedel, Homöopathen ohne Grenzen e.V.
    9065 Stimmen

  3. Jürgen Dangl, Hofgut Himmelreich gGmbH
    2673 Stimmen

Homeopaths are still behind.

So like, did we win?

Today is the last chance to vote for those who have not done so already. Amardeo

Looks like the final results will only be published on the 5th of December.