Poll pedanticism: The "should James' head be on a pole" poll.

Refering to the ongoing discussion here, should James’ head be on a pole. This poll will decide!

And, for the record, that should be “pedantry” not “pedanticism”. :o

Own pedantry FAIL. LOL

We would not be so pedantic if the site weren’t so good.

Hey, no fair voting on your own poll, see? Even if it is the least favoured option.


How do you know I didn’t vote for all of the options, after all it is so poorly designed a respondent could easily do so?

Only Bullitt, who voted immediately after me, could tell you which way I voted. :-X

To guess which (one, two or three) of the options I selected in my response when three votes had been cast, and with there being at least one vote for each option, is only a 1 in 7 chance that you are right. :wink:

Whacky James