Prayer Partners

Seriously! Got this in my e-mail inbox this morning, and it makes me very angry:


Dear Prayer Partner

Please pray for us as Angus endeavours to find favour with the SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation). Tomorrow between 1-2pm he will be speaking to the Chairman with regard to an appointment to put forward a proposal. We are trusting the Lord to air ‘Grassroots’ once a day, everyday, on SATV 1,2 and 3 at the same time. We don’t have the finances, however we are believing that God will air it for us. All we are asking for is airtime.

Our nation is gripped in a state of immorality and lack of concern for human life, with no regard to the respect of elders and family values and a lack of spiritual fathers etc. We are believing that this program, which is committed to speaking the truth in love and getting back to the Biblical principles will help to change our nation.

Please keep us in your prayers and we will keep you updated.

Your co-workers for Jesus Christ

Angus & Jill Buchan

I am not their friggin prayer partner! I don’t even own a TV, but if I did, I DO NOT want to see their “we will pray for you” BS on a daily basis! Our nation is NOT in my opinion “gripped in a state of immorality”, I have NO reason to respect someone just because they were born before me, and preaching “biblical principles” (which advocate intolerance, violence, and narrow-mindedness) is NOT, in my opinion going to change anything for the better in our country or the world.
Jesus Christ certainly does NOT pay my salary. Or the salary of my co-worker who sent me this E-Mail. Can someone explain to me why people are so quick to pray for things getting better, but nobody gets off their buts to DO anything.
Also, can someone explain to me exactly how its possible that oom Angus doesn’t have the finances to just air his stupid show like any other TV show? Didn’t he make enough money with that potato thing?

He has’nt got the funds because he booked ALL of the world cup stadiums in the course of next year for a bit of “preachin” and “praying”. And as for more religious shows on SABC, it will then safely be called religious channels, they dont even advertise seperate programmes anymore but just state that from 6am - 12pm is dedicated to “Religious Programming”. This on the week-ends no less.

I do note that they were praying for rain in some draught stricken area in the Cape earlier last week and then over the weekend got some devastating hail… me thinks the gods are trying to tell 'em somefing…

Well, if their god “will air it for [them],” what on earth do they need Mr Potatohead to go to the SABC board for!? Or start a petition?

Is your co-worker female? Is she aware of Unca Angus’s take on a woman’s role?

Any woman who thinks Angus and his Mighty Morons are a good thing needs to take a good hard look at her priorities and self-esteem – and that’s before we even get to the question of (a, any) god.


No, my co-worker is male; afrikaans; 24 years old; white; good christian boy. His wife is 21 and expecting their first child (poor little bugger)

This is what I have the hardest time to understand when it comes to women and religion. It baffles the hell out of me. And then you get that stupid B*tch of a Gretha Wiid that got onto the bandwagon about forgiving your womanising/abusive/drunk husband and give him more sex. And women are lapping it up. What is most interesting though, is that both unca Angus and this woman are English and their following is almost completely Afrikaans. Makes one despair for the genetic makeup of the Volk.

Well now, “giving your husband more sex” is something I may want to get behind…

Sex starts in the kitchen… ;D You’ll have as much (or maybe more) you can handle if you keep that teensy tiny titbit of informaiton in mind!

Well then there is something to be said for “keeping the little wife in the kitchen”??


uncle angus and greta can kiss my feminist, rebellious, morally inept, antheist, ill-grammar toting ass.

Only if her man happens to join her there… it takes two to tango remember! (mind you, there are plenty of appliances with multiple uses found in a standard kitchen - not to mention edibles too)

like someone said the other day…they did it on the spindryer while it was spinning hiehiehie ;D. But seriously the Angus dude is a serious contender for vrot potato of the year. Can’t we write something to the SABC and object?

i think the religious end of things are chok-a-block allready. and since they need to give everyone their fair share of airtime, there isnt much left. i actually quite enjoy the hindu programming on a sunday. they are so chilled, and everything is about peace and love. not one ‘burn in hell’ to wag a finger at. i think there is a buddhist programme too.
why doesnt uncle angus join old ray, and get a spot on his network? and leave the SABC to the ANC.

Ray is probably the wrong kind of Christianity.

uncle angus and greta can kiss my feminist, rebellious, morally inept, antheist, ill-grammar toting ass.


Mmm, there’s the egg slicer, the cork screw, the thermometer, the funnel, the nut cracker… and of course Mrs. Ball’s chutney.