Professor Walter Veith

I am cleaning up and cleaning out and finally had some time to check out a (Free, Yay!) CD with some lectures by Prof Veith who “is an ardent student of history and prophecy and has lectured to standing-room-only crowds around the world on his findings in archaeology, history, Bible prophecy, secret societies, and political intrigue.”

It seems that archaeology fully supports creationism? Due to the format (video) I can only hope that someone can supply a handy tl;dw or a link to articles, blogs or similar? His website here:

Here’s a good place to start on Walter Veith, the person. It happens that well-educated people sometimes lose their marbles early on in life, but that’s much more the exception than the rule.

Here’s an in-depth critical review of one of Veith’s works.

BTW, thanks for the reminder. I’d just about completely forgotten about this fruitcake.


That RationalWiki introduction made me bark with laughter, awesome! Also, mucho thanks for the critical review.

The ‘professor’ part puzzled me until I finally managed to get more info on him (Ahh, zoology. Tenure. A whole 'nuther topic). His skilfully written Wikipedia page contains this rather puzzling sentence: “After conflicts at the University of the Western Cape due to their unorthodox views, Walter Veith and Quincy Johnson left the department of zoology.” Walter Veith - Wikipedia

There you have it: the University of the Western Cape is a hotbed of irrational thinking!

Sounds like he really likes tiny rooms.