Promotion. Are we allowed?

I am trying to get my website higher in the Google ratings and are asking for your help. Please click on my link and then share it by clicking on the Fasebook/Twitter button. The more hits the higher it shows. On some keywords I am on the 1st page but of course others not. If you’ve got a site I can link yours if you will link mine as that is another way to improve one’s site.

Not only will I share your link, I might just end up making use of your services: I am a teacher and I’ll go mention your service to the principal. Tell me more. How big is the dome? How big a room do you need for it? How many pupils can get in there at a time? Where is the service available?

Something I notice: typo on your site. The “Opinions” tab says “Opinons.”

What a great idea! (I don’t “do” Facebook anymore, but your link was duly shared by Mrs Kent, who also thinks that inflatable dome is a wonderful concept).

Thanks Brianvds. The dome is about 8X8 and 3.5 high. It depends on age but normally we work on 100 per show. Gr 7 to 9 only 90 and higher 80 (had 170 gr 2-3 in there but that was a disaster. Try controlling and presenting a show with 170 small ones in the dark). I am in Maritzburg this week but from next week will be available (some dates are booked). Thanks for the typo heads up - new site.

Thanks Rigel

Well, I’ll show the principal and see what she thinks. Maybe we’ll book a show some time.

Last year I did a star party with the kids, one evening at the school. I brought my binoculars and small spotting scope, and laser star pointer - they quite enjoyed it too. I’ll do one again this year, but it wouldn’t hurt to also have a planetarium show.


Interesting. I find the exposure times on your home page a bit too short for leisurely reading.

I’m not on Facebook, but will make enquiries elsewhere.

Ok posted link on facebook for you.

Heh, about a decade ago I was in one of these. I think it was some dude from england that had brought it over.

I was in varsity at the time and he visited ours, and since I was in the middle of an astrophysics course we got to take a spin in it.

Was quite impressive.

I agree with Hermes. It wasn’t until I noticed the pause button under the image then I could finish reading it.

Maybe I must put an arrow, pointing to the pause button, on.

Question: does the dome absolutely have to be indoors? We don’t have a school hall or anything like that, and renting one would be too expensive.

Thanks for all those who went onto the site. The dome have to be indoors. With the sun shining on it, and 100 bodies inside, it gets incredibly hot inside. Also, the slightest bit of a breeze blows it over. I can put it up in a class room but it is not ideal. You can only work with about 20 at a time and you have to do a low crawl to get in. No hanging lights or fans on the ceiling, florescent lights are ok.

Thanks to all for your help, my site is now on the 1st page if you Google “Planetarium”.