Quantum Energetix

A rebranded version of the pseudo scientific and unproven therapies Applied kinesiology and Chiropractic:

Muscle Testing at the Quantum Level with Dr. Frans Kromhout

Quantum Energetix Level 1 supplies an in depth manual and test kit of over 250 testers that allows you to identify the presence of:-

* Chronic Fatigue causing viruses
* Rickettsia
* Brucella
* Toxoplasmosis
* Parasites
* Candida
* Hormonal and Endocrine imbalances
* Blood sugar disorders
* Heavy metal toxicity
* Excessive fast or slow metabolisms
* Food sensitivities and much more, plus:
      o The use of meridian points to desensitise the body and 'kick-start' the healing mechanisms
      o How to uncover and negate the emotions, patterns and beliefs behind each health syndrome
      o How to assess exact nutritional and supplementation requirements for each syndrome
      o Evaluation of your patient/clients' energy fields and energetic potential of nutritional supplements
      o Instruction for beginner status in the art of muscle testing and pendulum dowsing
      o In-depth literature providing extensive information on the healing modalities and energies incorporated into the Quantum Health Essences for treatment of the relevant syndromes, including:
            + The Esoteric Rays
            + The Chakras
            + The Meridian System
            + Flower Essences (Bach and Perelandra)
            + Micro-Immune Therapeutics and homeopathic principles
            + 'Thoughts' on the role of our energy fields and emotions in disease, the cause of disease, the message of illness, and the interplay between our soul and personality in the choice of our illness. 

Total cost for the course including a Manual & Test Kit, Lunches and teas: R1900

Once again - it’s got quantum right there in the title. It must be scientific… ::slight_smile:
I see several claims made by “Dr” Frans Kromhout that can easily be tested. Sadly no one questions the good doctor and the quack therapies he is peddling. How about it doctor? Care to enlighten us skeptics with some proof?

That, right there, is some SERIOUSLY funny shit.

I normally have no sympathy for the fucksticks who fall for this crap, and a part of me even admires the chutzpah of the dudes who come up with this stuff in order to make money. The red devil on my left shoulder tunes me they deserve it, and that the idiots who buy it deserve to be exploited.

The problem is that there are desperate people who can’t afford full blown modern medical care, and who gobble this stuff up out of a misguided sense of hope. You can’t really blame them, but you can blame the dudes who sell the snake oil.

I wonder if I bliksem Kromhout with an infinitely sharp katana, whether it will cure his major malfunction.