Questioning the causes of addiction

Majin sent me this today. I found it fascinating, yet another thing to start thinking more skeptically about.

The real cause of addiction.

I stopped smoking (went “cold turkey”) two weeks after I got married. Guess I was in a “happy place”.

Fascinating write-up, and its central thesis — addiction as a response to social isolation and meagre human contact — sounds plausible to me, even if only as a significant contributory factor. I think law enforcement agencies will be at the forefront of rejecting these ideas. Social scientists and psychologists should have no trouble designing experiments to probe the details and validity more closely.

That said, I’m relieved to see it’s almost teatime… :wink:


What sort of dubious infusions are you concocting …

Odd. That’s about the same time my drinking started.

Looking back I have to note that in my own life, my smoking always starts when things are going really horribly and I’ve found it next-to-impossible to quit unless my life improved again. At that point the will is much stronger and I can usually stop. It ain’t easy, but much easier than when I’m stressed.

EDIT: That said, had I never started smoking, it wouldn’t be a go-to for me once things go to pot. So it’s clearly not the only factor.

Me getting married got you drinking? :slight_smile:

Yes, Tweefo. I think it’s time the truth be told: I was secretly in love with your fiance. When she finally married you, it sent me straight to the bottle. :’(

I thought you going to say you where in love with tweefo

Oh, well.