Some of you might remember the famous video game series sold by Irem about the R-Type. The R-Type is a small fighter craft that has to take on the most amazing series of ugly aliens. This post has stuffall to do with that. Other than getting me thinking about other R-Types…

I figure that if you believe in the existence of souls ( which I don’t, but anyway ) you will come to recognise a certain type of soul that tends to inhabit the fundamentalist christian zealot. Such souls believe only in literal interpretations of their bible ( though their interpretations differ wildly ), insist on foisting their beliefs upon others ( as so commanded ), and manifest bizarre beliefs like “intelligent design”, about which they post vast screeds on internet forums. I’d like to propose that such souls be called R-Souls. The term has such a nice ring to it and reminds me of some other similar sounding term… that I can’t quite remember… it’ll come to me.

Once you remember, this will be a cool pun.

If you want to rid the nomenclature of all the mystical crap you could use “R-Soles”. It’s already been done in a wider context though - see http://www.ratbags.com/rsoles/ (note the URL).

I’ll take your word for it - your link leads to a whole big jumbled mess of a page, in which the only mention of “sole” appears to be in the url itself. Must be about R-Type shoes, or fish, or sumfing. The R-Soul, or Religious Soul, is the truly Holey One, the target of my scorn affections. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun stuff - my fav bit:

“I had to stop watching. I had the distinct feeling that Dr Werner had herself collapsed to the maximum density possible in the universe. No, not a neutron star but something even denser, a moron pulsar, spinning on her axis every 1.33 seconds and emitting blinding flashes of unimaginably hot stupid.”

It is a website about r-souls. :smiley:

Indeed, though it is physically more plausible that a sole, rather than a soul, be holey. That’s probably because all the plodding nonsense, including the religious variety, lacking any substance, wears thin so quickly…


I like it. Hope this meme spreads.