Race and free speech

“Standard bank suspends Chris Hart” and the Sparrow woman calling blacks “monkeys” opened the door on the debate around free speech again (was it ever closed?) There are calls for some kind of punishment, that it should be unlawful. I think we all agree that we need free speech, without it, the witch burning is not far down the road, but I can maybe see their point. Somebody once tried to insult me by accusing me of “short man syndrome” and I if my (lack) of length bothered me, maybe he would have succeeded. How and where could a line be drawn in relation to race?

Ja, just about everyone is pro free speech until they get their feelings hurt. Then they turn pro para meta pseudo free speech light.


Hypocrisy everywhere. Half the people bemoaning these words on social media use them in private also.

“just about” is right. I’ve been called horrible stuff but I’m still pro free speech. The line? Inciting violence or conspiracy to murder… that kinda stuff. (Which is already illegal in it’s own right.

And here’s another case:


I find it kind of funny that the guy paints all whites with the same brush, while accusing them of racism. It’s a bit like the old joke: If there are two things I really hate, it’s racists and niggers.

Ivo Vegter looks at recent developments.


As always, I find much to agree about with Vegter. Besides, wanton littering is a bloody baboonish thing to do, whatever your race.