Racial tensions just another blame-game

The front page of the Pretoria News yesterday showed a Jewish and a Nazi flag with writings on among flowers and teddy bears being placed at the gate to recently murdered Eugene Terre’Blanche’s farm outside Ventersdorp. This morning AWB members pitched up at court with the old South African Flag and sung ‘traditional’ Afrikaans South African songs (specifically, Die Stem) creating a bit of a stand-off between the white AWB supprters and the black farm workers who also congregated there. The AWB and many people who do simply not supprt the ANC have said that ETs murder was politically motivated and as a result of Malema’s ‘kill the boer’ revival. Yet the AWB still swing the aprtheid flag? They don’t see the irony in this?
Racial tensions are apparently running very high, but we have not seen significant consequences of these events on the stock market, just about every political party in SA has appealed to the ordinary citizen to remain calm, to not get violent, and that revenge is not the answer here. The message is clear - this murder was a crime, that will be punished in due course, and not politically motivated. My first question when I read about the shitfest was: “which incredibly stupid black man would work on Eugene Terre’Blanche’s farm?” The boy and man was clearly incredibly dense, desperate or sadistic. What a mess…

Since the news broke, we’ve waited with not-quite-bated breath for the conspiracy nuts to start coming out of the woodwork. These events are tailor-made for all kinds of plots of intrigue. One need not think very hard to weave several different tales of nefarious scheming by assorted interest groups.

It’s just such a great pity that these happenings are so extensively divisive and that they are being aggravated by Malema’s deliberate provocations.


If the plan of Malema and his buddies is to continue promoting racism in this country, then I’m afraid racism is exactly what they’re going to get, and the real losers is ALL OF US. This may be what they’re shooting for: If I were Malema, and I wanted to make absolutely sure something I said was broadcast as far and wide as possible, I’d also say it at every opportunity and as controversially as I possibly could, making sure there’s lots and lots of camera’s and reporters about. Wouldn’t want people thinking what I have to say isn’t newsworthy.

I looked at the photos of the farmhouse on News 24 this morning. It doesn’t look like ET was exactly flush with cash…

and Mefiante: Yeah, I hadn’t thought about that, now the whole white genocide theory is going to blossom again. (I forgot the name they had for it?)

it is always sad when someone is murdered, especially as brutally as ET was.

I have overheard a lot of conversation over the past few days where white South Africans are fear mongering. It is really really sad that people can take 2 assuredly unrelated things and link them together they they are. As South Africans, we have all worked hard over the past 20 or so years to bridge gaps between the races, and really seemed to be getting somewhere. Things like this are not helping. And neither is JuJu with his constant taunting. The real sadness is that there are people actually paying enough attention to characters like this, and giving them relevance in this country to begin with.

I agree that the irony is there, but lets bear in mind that it could be a purposeful show because of the whole “kill the Boer” debacle?

As far as the “Wage negotiations” story goes, I don’t know that i buy it. I don’t mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist of any kind, but it seems suspect to say the least…

Try here and here to see just how foolish such a resurgence is likely to get.


i believe it was actually a sort of “halfway house” on the farm. It was where ET could go take an afternoon nap while doing his rounds, and not the main homestead.

Heard on the news this morning that the ANC has (finally) publicly stated that Malema is not allowed to sing the ‘kill the boer’ song any more. Haha. “Dear Julius. Shut up. Sincerely - ANC” About time…

It would be interesting to see what his legal punishment would be, if he should decide to disobey this order!

and Mefiante: Yeah, I hadn't thought about that, now the whole white genocide theory is going to blossom again. (I forgot the name they had for it?)

Think it is called “Die nag van die lang messe” - something coined by Siener Marais if memory serves me right. This is apparantly due the day Mandela dies.

I received this sms on Sunday morning:

My vriende, die tyd van die BOER het aangebreek.ek is gese om vir 10 vriende te vra om vir 24 dae 'n pers armband te dra en vandag 12uur Bok van blerk se deleary so hard moontlik te speel in jo huis or kar!! laat ons saamstaan vir die stryd.stuuraan vir die mense wat saam wil staan.


Some people just make me ashamed to call myself a Afrikaner… How does playing De La Rey help anything, apart from showing everyone you have no musical taste? How does the murder of a mass murderer and bigot justify all this? Why not when a small child is murdered?


how often have i heard myself saying just that. i actually dont speak afrikaans in unknown company anymore. i am, however, dead proud to be south african, in whatever form.

i dont go to pretoria to jol much, the people irritate me, and i get so annoyed with racist jokes and remarks, and offcourse, the xtian frame of mind. vomit.

so i try and stick with jozi and midrand. luckily my friends are geeks and nerds like me, and the conversation is generally centered around bloodbowl leagues and new xbox games. and when politics does come up, we are all agree that they are all corrupt, and that its hogwash.

i have, however, been pondering the state of the nation a bit by my lonesome. and, i think, and my boss brought this up in a meeting yesterday too, that the people of this country, especially the poor black and coloured, has been promised paradise on earth after 1994. and so far, the government has failed them miserably. the country is in worse shape than before freedom.
i think that the signs of general unhappiness is evident. riots over service delivery, protests outside the courts of rapists and child killers… maybe, the people are unhappy, and they cant pinpoint their unhappiness on unfulfilled promises.
now malema and his ilk, can easily tap into this general feeling of ill, and convince them, that the reason for their misery, is not, as it is obviously, the government failing its people. but indeed, the previous regime, or the whites as a tribe, that is making their lives shit.
instead of taking on the challenge to fix what is fucked, they rather pass the buck. bloody convenient.
in a previous post, i allso refered to malema being a smokescreen for something more sinister afoot. i think so much is screwed, this bugger is working overtime to cause kak, so the media doesnt latch onto the total ineptness that is our govament.

Yeah I share your sentiment, and your thoughts about this.

As for “die nag van die lang messe” - wasn’t there a reference to what happened in Rwanda as well in this whole theory? Uhuru? And I somehow remember my Boere-uncle (what a weirdo) talking about this just before Mandela was released from prison, and again just before the '94 elections (he was one of those wackjobs who actually built a bomb-shelter underneath his house in Pretoria East and stocked it up with enough canned food for… wait… they may still be eating from that stash? :-\ haha) Unless I was living under a rock somewhere during the time - nothing bad happened to ‘the boere’ after Mandela’s release, or when the ANC won the first democratic election? Sure, when Mandela dies, it will be a very sad day for South Africans, and the human race, but seriously, a twit like Malema could not possibly have so much influence? can he?

If he defies the court order, he’ll be charged with contempt of court, which is a serious offence. If he defies the ANC’s order, he’ll no doubt be awarded another big construction tender ― for building the future… ::slight_smile:


P.S.: What, me cynical? Never!

Yeah I’m not always that proud to be an Afrikaner either. What heartens me is that there are Afrikaners (like ourselves) who seem more enlightened and don’t listen to boere treffers in their cars on repeat. At this point I’m starting to believe there are more of these around than one would think - I can hope.

The “De la rey” thing actually just annoys the living crap out of me. I do visit Pretoria every now and then, and there was a specific stage that driving through the pta 'burbs, it was impossible to NOT hear “De la rey” being blasted from a shop/bakkie/house somewhere in the vicinity. It’s not so much the song itself, as people’s blind obsession with it that drives me nuts. “Hey gaais! We have a new cause! Play that cool song we like!”… I guess afrikaner nationalism is really so fickle that a catchy tune is all that’s needed to “enforce” it.

The ultimate problem of poverty in Africa is that socialism sounds SO MUCH nicer than Democracy to the people doing the voting… well, until they vote away their right to vote.

Did the knight of the long knives not come from 1934?
To add to the wole smokescreen business, I have just received a mail which pointed to this .
Grab your pitchforks. ::slight_smile:

Shite, I just realised, its Siener van Rensburg (not Marais) - hey, I’m not into this crap, so just shoot me…

Have a squiz here:



Gosh, a quick google came up with a HUGE amount of forums discussing this man’s “visions”… eish… :-\

im not gonna even look at those, they get my blood pressure up, and then i want to comment on stuff, and before i know it, the it department blocked my internet.
so, i deduce, being an afrikan dude back in the, he was a church-going fella. and, as i saw conveniently when i was taking the mickey out of our favourity gay troll, that the bible actually has a very strong stance against psychics. so he was sinning in the first place for dabbling in that stuff.
and, if im not mistaken, loads of people met untimely ends cause they could see the future, or tell fortunes.
while i do believe that some people have an honest to goodness gift, i think, that if you have that gift, you dont go making a fuss of it. and sure as hell dont charge for it.

this old ballie, i scheme, was brewing peach mampoer in the cowshed, took a swig, and took up the pen. who else is there to say it was not so?
back in the day, how accurate was mental assesment, the duck could have been chatting to bob marley via mind-wire.

i think, too, this guy has been applied to any and all fear the white afrikaner nation has faced, and scared the living shits out of families. i can remember hearing this story when i was younger, and was kak-scared, and was envisioning being slaughtered in bed. (i sleep with a big-ass knife under my pillow now, and honestly, i am more likely to be shot on the street for my cellphone).

its sad, that people run with a story, and scare the kak out of people. i liken it to these stupid chainmails, showing the poort onderstepoort supposedly slaughtering horses. everyone sends it on, and are up in arms, when you dig into the story, its a complete ball of shit.

i wont spend my time researching this night of knives kakka. im to busy with tectonic plates and subduction at the moment. more likely to wipe us all out in a foul swoop.

and, if im not mistaken, loads of people met untimely ends cause they could see the future, or tell fortunes.

Well, unless your vision is a dream and “God” helped you deduce it’s meaning. Then it’s OK.

Malema is aiming for gold! Ghee, no stop to this one >:(

Like someone has mentioned, would the ANC still have been this patient if the situations was switched? …dont think sooooo!

Statement by the SA Institute of Race Relations on the ramifications of the killing of Eugène Terre’Blanche.