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perhaps a seprate thread?


this has shot to my number 1 video list and will probably remain there for a long time.

Yup, well worth a view, thanks!

That was quite brilliant. Thank you very much.

Very nice - met a couple of Storms - never had the balls to give it to them like that though, but a good way to being inspired - thanks.

Maybe you’ve seen it but here’s an interesting list of atheists:

Excellent video. Thanks for posting.

Have you guys seen one of Minchin’s shows? I have his “Ready For This?” - which is just fantastic. Anyone in the JHB area can, erm, “borrow” it at the next SITP…


Storm by Tim Minchin - a classic…

(just because I knew it was on the site but no search could reveal it until I used the “google entire site” function and now I’ll be able to :D)

I’ve been waiting for the fully animated version for yonks now but they keep updating their site with “any day now”, which never comes…

an animated movie! very cool.

btw I just noticed this is actually a stickied topic? Talk about being in front of me all the time.

Ray Comfort on the atheist experience ;D

I watched the first half an hour of that.

It is clear that Ray really really believes. Strange and alien as that may seem to me, he really does. I would love to understand the basis of that belief better but I think I may just have to accept that people like him and believers in general, simply have a different approach.

I do hear the argument from ignorance from him again and again - “the beautiful flowers and butterflies” - is it really just that? Believers are incapable of looking at the universe and not see a creator?

Kudus to Matt and Russel for an interesting yet futile conversation.

ETA: watching the rest is not blocked at work. The fools! mwhahahhaaahaaa /fades

I watched it yesterday - he is such a plonker!

I listened to about 1/2 way and it was clear Ray was just going to repeat his junk until the end of time.

He uses the diversionary pattern of argumentation: Opponent raises a point that buries you, you change the subject.

Tim Minchin’s animated movie of “Storm” is finally up on Youtube:

Whohoo! Even though they may delay, storm, unlike the end of the world, did eventually come! Oh happy day!

I have to say the graphics are better than I expected… pseudo 3D and all that.

Tim Minchin is awesome also he did an earlier live DVD called So Live there is an interesting correlation between his fame and application of eyeliner…

A must watch film is “The Invention of Lying” 2009 it stars real life atheist Ricky Gervais, as he lives in a world where no-one has as yet ever lied (so subsequently have never believed in God) - he accidentally tells a lie then realises he can use it to his own personal gain which eventually leads to him inventing “the man in the sky” after trying to make his mother feel better about dying. My description doesn’t do it justice -

The Invention of Lying (2009) OFFICIAL TRAILER

Agora is a nice enough historical drama about how the philosopher Hypatia gets screwed over by religiots. Released in 2009, it may be old news by now, but still recommendable.


I liked the bit where she predates Kepler by a thousand years. :slight_smile:

Black Mirror
Making a Murderer