Registration Error

I have a friend from Durban who is trying to register but lets me know the following:

but I cannot register. No matter what I do it tells me I have not completed the anti-bot task. The task is simple, 15+3+1 = ? but whether I answer 19 or nineteen it still tells me I have not completed

When you have a second dear, BlueGraY

I made it!

Tried again and got through with a different sum, I suspect the problem is that just going back returns the same sum and once it has been failed (why I still do not know) you need to generate a new sum to try again.

Anyway, I’m in.

Never mind Blue, welcome Zulu :smiley:


The guy I mentioned a few weeks ago? He claimed that he joined but was not “accepted”. I can’t remember the procedure when joining here, do somebody have to approve new members? He claims to have joined with his own name as username. Zacharias Venter.

The correct answer is always 42. :slight_smile:

Alas, this message board varies from rather quiet to completely dead. Unless you can come up with some or other controversy to discuss.

Bluegray is the person who knows such things, but hasn’t been active since: September 16, 2016, 14:02:07 PM

I sometimes wonder how the hell this place is still around. But won’t complain too loudly otherwise it may just disappear (it did once before for a while).

Best bet is probably to email: [email protected] … but I dunno if you should expect a reply.

Same here, Ive been here just over a decade and check in at least once a week, I think the shoutbox is the main reason threads are not posted, its just too easy since there are so few of us to just have a discussion there.

Alas, this message board varies from rather quiet to completely dead. Unless you can come up with some or other controversy to discuss.
This guy has got some rather strange ideas and it looks like he is willing to discuss them. Might get this board going for a while again, that's why I am trying to get him registered.

Sadly, new registrations don’t go through, I checked. The administrator (bluegray) has to approve and he is inactive.

Spot on.

I’ve been concerned about this board before. I added some of you on facebook but obviously that gives 0 level of anonymity… really. and is not really the place to discuss some of what we discuss.

So I took a minute to create a backup chat for in case anything ever goes wrong. Feel no obligation to use it, but I do recommend we all bookmark it. In the very least it allows new members to join the chat. But it’s not a forum, it’s just another shoutbox, feel no obligation to register on their site or download their desktop app and I’m certainly not expecting voice chat… All you need is the web client and a username.

The link is here.

Ok, I joined up, but would it not be easier to start an FB group?

Which to me, as a starting out atheist, was quite important.

You could start a closed group on FB, which is only accessible to members. Then you just need a good gatekeeper to admit only members you approve of.

See here. The completion of Zacharias’ registration still seems to be pending.

When I joined (around the middle of the Hadean Eon or thereabouts), the registration process despatched an e-mail that contained a confirmation link, which, once clicked, completed one’s registration and opened full access to the forum. This process may since have been amended to require active approval by a forum admin—probably because there was a time when spam bots and other malware registered lots and lots of new accounts almost daily. Have you tried communicating via the forum’s Twitter handle?


I dont have facebook… I certainly dont want facebook, I do not want my primary school peers to look me up out of boredom. Or my extended family for that matter. Or prospective employers. Or receive cute angels singing happy songs to me. or other people’s kids, I dont care about someone else’s supper, year end function or weddings/deaths/baptisms/whatever.

I wanna be left alone…

and I want this forum, which is closed and for others like me who sometimes just wants to speak/read/listen to the intellectual version of small talk and interesting topics. And Jesus bashing. Dont forget that bit. very important.

Yamen to that!


Have you tried communicating via the forum’s Twitter handle?
Don't have a Twitter account.