Religious graffiti

Graffiti is bad. Normally it is in places where I don’t go, so I don’t mind too much but the religious lot seems to think it is OK to despoil a prominent rock or something, but this? A sign that’s there to really save lives? OK, here the “Stop” is still clear but if this or some other nut now decide to add to the “message”?

Well, that is arguably not religious, it might as well reference the Journey song, especially considering how Believin’ is spelt.

Journey-Dont Stop Believing (official song) with lyrics

Not really any different to this

I have to pop into public bathrooms quite often (don’t ask) and I consider myself fairly well read when it comes to the back of toilet doors. By far the most common graffito is invitations to what appears to be fellatio parties. Also popular are:

Jesus/ God loves you.
Kill blacks/ boers/ coloureds.
You’ll burn in hell one day.

So little creativity these days. What happened to such classics as

The painter’s work was all in vain,
the shit-house poet strikes again.


Outcomes based education.

My pic was taken in Middelburg Mpumalanga, not known as the Rock town of the world. In fact I am not sure if there are more churches than lawyer firms or the other way around.

I’m skeptical about the authenticity of the Hammer Time stop sign. Real stop signs don’t have exclamation marks, and the word STOP! is off-center towards the top.


Some come here to shit, and stink,
and pick crabs off their balls.
I come here to sit, and think,
and write stuff on the walls.

Actually that’s the worst kind for me. So your god created a beautiful piece of untouched nature somewhere, and you felt you had to spoil it with some white paint. Now I can’t enjoy nature as it is without your fuckhead god being shoved in my face.

It really gets my goat.