Richard Dawkins is a Freemason

I recently read a post on another formum where a member accused Richard Dawkins of being a Freemason and therefor a Priest of Baal. (Dawkins is ‘n Vrymesselaar en dus 'n Baälpriester…)

This was in support of the statement, in the same post, that Evolution and Natural Selection is a false ideological religion that has never been proven scientifically.

I don’t normally take much note of ad hominem attacks, but this one is the most ignorant I have ever heard.

Anyone with a bit of knowledge about Freemasonry or access to the Internet or a library, knows that a prerequisite for entry into the fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons, is a belief in God (or at least a supreme being - GAOTU).

The Apprentice enters the lodge blindfolded. He is made to kneel and the tip of a dagger is placed against his heart. He is then asked the following question: “In times of trouble; in who do you put your trust?”

I give you one guess what would happen if you don’t answer: “In God”! I seriously doubt if they would actually go though with it today, but I can only image what the dagger was used for a few centuries ago.

The question remains: How can an Atheist become and remain a Freemason; and an international celebrity who has written bestselling books on Atheism, like Richard Dawkins, no less?

OK whoever wrote that seriously needs to ge out more…

Daar is 16 000 spesies wat uitwissing in die gesig staar. Waaronder die Afrikaner ook tel.
I don't know all that much about biology and the like, but since when is an ethnic group classified as a seperate species? I wonder who will be more offended by statements like that - Dawkins himself or the freemasons?

I heard a rumor he’ll be knighted soon … also the reason he had his forum closed >:D

Those poor freemasons. What did they do to deserve this?

My guess is the Afrikaners - I mean, now suddenly of an altogether different species and all.


Daar is 16 000 spesies wat uitwissing in die gesig staar. Waaronder die Afrikaner ook tel.
Sure, there is no end to the person's absurd views...

This came as a result of a discussion on Evolution. One person said that species multiplied and became more over time, and another said it’s nonsense, because only 2-4% of species remain today with 16,000 more on the brink of extinction.

The question that was posed, since 2-4% remain; how did Noah fit 100% of all the species on earth into the Ark? (Estimated at 2,750 million species and excluding those that live in water.)

Maybe we/they’ll become endangered - save Ryno!

I think you’re confusing the issue with Saving Private Rhino’s Daughter.

Dit is met 'n aansienlike mate van skok en teleurstelling dat dit vir my lyk of die algemene kommentaar op 'n webblad soos hierdie net so simpel en vlak is as die op Kletskerk - behalwe vir die heel eerste een van Sentinel wat sy saak met feite gestel het.

Ek sal op 'n paar ander forumlyne gaan kyk of dit darem soms beter is.

Sorry to disappoint, ThysH. Sceptics, like most people, need their occasional moments of silliness, too. Maybe, instead of complaining about it, you’d care to put this thread back on the track you would like to see it taking.


Beste ThysH,

Ek moet ongelukkig met Mefiante saamstem, alhoewel ek jou punt insien.

Dit is egter nie nodig om als ernstig op te neem of te verwag dat als ernstig moet wees nie. Dit is ook onregverdig om die totale forum as “simpel” te klassifiseer agv een of twee onderwerpe, veral onder die “Flame Wars” afdeling waar mens soms bietjie gekskeer en “tong-in-die-kies” stellings maak.

Kletskerk! Daar is nou vir jou 'n goeie voorbeeld van “simpel en vlak”. 10/10

Jammer vir die teleurstelling. Begin gerus 'n ernstige onderwerp onder een van die ander afdelings. Jy sal verbaas wees oor die vlak waarop die meeste mense hier 'n debat kan voer of die kennis waaroor hulle beskik. Ek weet ek is!



Ok, let’s get the thread back on track then.

Apparently, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Bill Maher are Satanists!

What next! Do we need to start a campaign to distribute dictionaries in the US?

[b]Satanism:[/b] The worship of Satan characterized by a travesty of the Christian rites.

Atheism: Disbelief in or denial of the existence of God or gods. (Which include the fictitious evil ones like Satan!)

I was labeled a satanist a couple of days ago becuase I’m an atheist. This seems to be a convenient way for xtians to discredit and vilify atheists. That the ‘belief’ of a Satan is part of only some religions escapes them…it’s for example not provided for in Judaeism.

Another fine example of people thinking the worst of things they don’t understand.

I find that xtians look down on people of other xtian denominations, then other faiths, then satanists. Top of the list of villains are the atheists. What do you do with people that don’t believe in the supernatural or people that require evidence before they believe? How do you convert them without offering proof that you don’t have? I also found that all xtians have a small amount of doubt in their beliefs, but they choose to ignore it. Assessing this doubt honestly is painful which is why they prefer having it soothed and their faith strengthened with more lies.

I did not know that. Having said that, at the odd chance the Torah (and the old testament) was in fact inspired through divine intervention, it seems to be the handiwork of a malevolent demon instead of a benevolent god. Perhaps Satan was only necessary later on when God’s personality changed. Another boogieman was needed to scare people into belief and keep them there.

Wonder if God sometimes poses as Satan just for the hell (excuse the pun) of it or more sinisterly just because he can? In any case, Salman Rushdie invoked the fatwas of the Muslim world by stating that several verses of the Qu’ran were in fact inspired by Shaitan. Why not the Torah and other parts of the Christian Bible? The old hermit John of Patmos certainly had enough hatred in his Revelations to upstage the rest of the ‘Love and forgiveness’ stuff.

Once we understand that Man created God and not the other way around as per popular belief, it would only make perfect sense that these deities would bear human characteristics and are capable of both good and evil.

The authors of holy texts would also have incorporated their own agendas and their “divine” inspiration would be affected by their own views and life experience. That would explain why perfect and almighty beings possess flawed human emotions such as jealousy and hatred.