SA Psychic selected represent SA in Ukraine


So a quick calculation, she’s been in business since 2003, average 1:1 session these days is R900 for 45 minutes, back then it was probably around R500, so lets work on R700 averaged over the period, she’s "helped 20 000 people. Thats R14 000 000 in 13 years.

She had to click the link? So much for being psychic…

ETA: Her website says you can have a one-hour, face-to-face VIP session with her for just R5,000.00. A single question will set you back R200.00, or 10 questions for R1,200.00. Wow, woomeisters have discovered how to milk the snob factor.


Step right up fools wealthy sirs, get your super premium deluxe gold-plated 100% natural organic and gluten free bullshit phychic readings this way!

Wish my sense of ethics was poorly developed…

Yup, but these con artists will tell you—straight-faced, nogal—that what they’re doing is genuine and honourable and of real value (and never mind that they charge more for one hour than some families live off in a month). And if you dare to raise any objections, no matter how mild, (or infinitely worse, laughter) they’re all primed with responses carefully crafted to make you feel like you’re clubbing newborn kittens. It’s all strategically woven into the tapestry of the (self-)delusion.

While there’s a small residual doubt in my mind that such people might honestly be convinced of their abilities and so justify their dupery, the overriding sense I have is one of disgust.