Sad day

A man died in front of my house today. According to a neighbour who heard the dogs barking, he was still walking along one moment, and then just suddenly died. The police came out. When I came home from work an hour ago, I saw that somebody had laid a little bunch of flowers on the pavement. A sad day.


If I look at wandapec’s worldstats and I see that death number ticking over, it is a good thing that we still take death so personally.

I saw my first dead person at age 19 and after that too many to count, yet just about no one close to me has died… I’m way due. :-[

Never nice, being reminded of our own mortality. I’ve lost a few near and dear, and missing them never stops.

The cruel reality of death - we try and keep it hidden behind all sorts of mental devices (like religion for e.g.), but seeing it seldom fails to remind us of our own imminent demise. What saddens me is that the knowledge that person (who died) had stored in their brains is now lost forever, and the contribution they were making to the world has been terminated, and the people they were connected to will experience loss and grief. It’s a grim thing, death, and our pathetic devices have little effect in alleviating the fear and pain in its wake.

A woowoo friend of mine once asked me: “what do you think when you stand before the corpse of an unknown person: what talents did you have?; could you sing, write beautiful verse, maybe paint stunning pictures? Or were you a murderer, an abuser of children? Where have these things gone, these memories, these emotions, your talents?” Makes one think doesn’t it?

Hence my view; bring on transhumanism. Aging is a terrible disease robbing the world of it’s most experienced, right when they could contribute the most. It must be cured.

i think modernlife has made us pansies for death. some of us never see a dead body, that hasnt been cleaning and buffed and put nicely in a coffin.
i found a friend of mine, he has gassed himself in his car. he was still warm, and his cheeks were pink. i tried cpr, and since then the smell of exhaust fumes makes me gag. i allso saw the body of a lightie who fell some storeys onto a road. it bothers me not at all.
i dont have nightmares, or get creeped out. i saw and touched my dead father in his coffin. that was emotional, since it was my father. but i was still dispassionate enough to notice they didnt clean a piece of something off his cheek.
i think, that we dont often see death. and i too, cop a tear when someone dies in a movie, but in real life, i get more emotive when i see or hear about animal abuse.
i had once been an avid hunter, and to see the light fade from an animals eyes, because you ended it’s life, is a crash course in death. and watching a zebra foal kick in it’s mothers womb while she lay daying, that is a serious wake-up call.
thus, i dont hunt anymore.

in days gone past, death was in yoru face, plagues, wars… we live in a ‘peacefull’ country, the chances of you coming face-to-face with a corpe, is slim.

i think, if someone at least mourns for the dead, then his/her memory is kept going. eventhough the brain is dead and rotting.

Today is an extremely sad day for me. We had to put one of our dog, Angel, down. She had dermatitis that had spread internally, she was suffering and the different treatments were not working.

We got her about 4 years ago as an abused puppy from the SPCA and as mental as she was (She did calm down a bit and lived up to her name a little), she was a very sweet dog. Without fail, she would greet us when we got home every time. Whenever, I got home and everyone was doing their own thing including the other dog - He would barely raise his head in acknowledgement, unless it was time for a walk - she would be there enthusiastically saying hello.

I can’t believe how hard it hit me. Weird. I think what made it so hard was that she was so young and mentally alert. The photo below was of her outside the vet this evening! It looks like nothing was wrong.

Very sad. Will miss her.

Our sincere condolences to you and yours, wandapec. Losing a loved pet is hard. A sad day indeed.


Sorry about your dog, wandapec. Solely for how they make us feel when we arrive home in the evenings, dogs deserve to live forever.


and cats and hamsters.

I’m sorry for your loss Wandapec, I felt the loss of my cat and hamster more acutely than some of my extended family’s deaths.

Thanks for your sympathy guys. I so agree, they do deserve to live forever.

shame, sorry for your loss. i wish i could give all the bull sympathies that religion offers, but the truth is, there is no more pain, and that is the point.

times like this, that i wish re-incarnation was true…