Sandy Hook School shooting "staged"

A video claims that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting of 14 December was staged, that the grieving parents portrayed in the media were actors and that there were multiple shooters.

Prof. Ted Goertzel of Rutgers University explains why some people are prone to believing such conspiracy theories:

"Some people view the world as a struggle between sharply opposed and clearly defined ‘good' and ‘evil' groups," Goertzel said by email. "When something happens in the world that seems to refute that, i.e. the forces of ‘good' actually do something evil, they use conspiracy theories as a way of denying that information.

“In this case, guns are ‘good’ and the government is ‘evil’ for some people. The mass shooting supports the arguments of gun control advocates, but only if it actually happened. If it was actually done by some evil force, [such as] the gun control lobby, then there is no problem. The conspiracy theory enables them to make this argument.”

Yes makes sense that when faced with something that contradicts your thinking you can either examine your beliefs or you could tell your self a lie to make it go away.

And there’s another one going on in Houston…