Selective News Reporting

Had a squiz at Wikipedia news today, and had a bit of a hmmmm moment.
There is the flood in Madeira, 43 people died, basic services paste, etc. I saw it on the telly last nite. Heard it on the radio all day.

but then:
A mosque collapses in Morocco, killing 41 people and injuring 75 others.
An avalanche buries a village in northwestern Pakistan, killing at least 40 people

er, i only have SABC, no DSTV. Why werent these reported?

I did some research.
Catholicism is the state Religion of Portugal
The totally dominating religion of Morocco is Islam
over 97% of the population of Pakistan are Muslims.

well now. IF Allah is your man, die quietly in a corner.
IF JC is the guy for you, then agga shame you poor bugger. Have some aid.

Then I cast back my memory to just last month, the earthquake in Haiti. Roman Catholicism is the official religion of Haiti. I’m not suprised. and people flocked to help em. the tv was flooded with it.
Meanwhile, up north in Africa, poor Malawi was rocked by not one , but over TEN quakes in December. I didnt even know about, I came accross the story on the web. Christianity is one of the most important Malawi religions.
Oh crap, but now my theory is gone to shit.
They are xtians, but not newsworthy?
Maybe cause they are African?
Maybe cause they are black?

Opinions on how newsworthy you need to be?