SITP Sandton?

PMS? ??? :wink:

Never mind, I still like you.

So… sorry if I offended you. It wasn’t my intention to suggest you need to ask permission or that you’re too stupid to organize it properly. I quite honestly (no, really) just wanted to make sure we ended up with one, unified, JHB skeptical community. I’ve been trying to foster greater cooperation between SA & African skeptics for a couple of years (e.g.). Strength in numbers, that kind of thing.

n00b out.

This is kinda the point of the SitP thing. Mike’s been one of the leaders* of the SA sceptical movement for ages… a movement which, rightly or wrongly, exists mostly outside of this forum.

SitP is a great opportunity for those of us from different facets of that community (this forum, the FB group, various blogs and other circles) to meet and mix it up, sceptic-style.

This almost-flame-war makes me a sad panda. We’re supposed to be on the same side here… the more we collaborate and share our established resources, the better it’ll be for all of us. This just highlights the fact that we (those of us who think it’s important) have plenty more work to do in fostering that cohesion.

* Insofar as there is such a thing.

fair enough. my bad. :-X

LOL! Watch some South Park lately? :wink:

I try to keep the site updated with SITP events (check or

Usually I get the facebook event invites in my mail box and update the site, so if you want to make sure I know of the event and your not using the FB group, just email me directly :wink:

PS If anyone wants to post events in events-highlights-news (and also on the main page) let me know and I’ll give you access.
PMS I probably should make member status depend on more than just post count… maybe add the join date?

then we will have people like benguela, who rarely chirps in about anything, looking like he’s a regular contributer. at the risk of sounding like a douche, coz i got hero status, i think that if the contribute regularly, and interact, and post topics, then you should be upped in status. i honestly think my hero status is unfounded, coz i often comment random shit, and it might not be relevant or even interresting. i made up the numbers with rambling and ranting.

on the other hand, i would be severly mif if some guy who joined two years ago, and pops in once in a while and adds a comment here and there, gets hero status, just coz he’s here longer than anybody else.

This is getting more and more like a real family - heheh - feeel the leeerve.

News about last night’s audition gig: I got the gig, and will be starting there in the second week of September. The good news is that next week (1 September) I will be available. Thank you gcg for wanting to include me - I feel honoured. My muso-work-at-night schedule effectively removes almost any hope of me having a social life/keeping a girlfriend etc. The price we pay for being artists SIGH. Hey, if I cut my ear off maybe I could be famous LOL.

Wouldn’t that constitute a mere cover version of artistic volatility? To be memorable, you’ll need to cut something original off. And then write a song about it. :wink:


LOL. Mmmmm. Cut something original off … I could always become a Rabbi and instead of writing a song about what I was cutting off I could invent a religion. >:D Oh sorry, that one is already taken. :-\

Hey gcg, got the invite on Facebook and replied. Thanks. First of September it is and I will be there. Thank you soooo much for accommodating the MusoMan. Next week Wednesday Spring will start in style and mild inebriation but with the COOLEST family eva. Yaaaaay!