Skeptic ability scores

You joined in 2009 - hardly a newbie by any standard. But if this gets you to post more - stunning

I say post away. There will be pearls for sure and most probably more than not :slight_smile:

He, he. It took me a few years to stop being a scaredy cat and take part. Thought I was going to be eaten alive!

I know. I am from BI. (Before the Internet :o) And I clearly remember my first dial up on that 14 bps modem, connecting and now what? Typing some url’s I had gotten prior and just getting used to the wonder of it all. Then discovering chatrooms and forums and the nervousness of actually taking that step and saying something. Hell, its like being a stranger at a house party! (and then whiskey and beer helps doesn’t it? :D)

But, as you can see, I got over it. For the most part. This forum is perfect for me - quiet and steady with occasional bursts of activity.

And putting yourself out there, you actually get a measure of where you are at. People will address your arguments (even if they are nasty about it) and you can learn and perfect your own repertoire. And the fun of putting a devastating counter argument together is glorious :wink:

Coupled with what I have seen of your posts, posting more would be an all round win for everyone. And there are more like you.

I have been stingy with handing out karma (skeptical ability scores) but I may have to dole out some more now.

I wonder if it shouldn’t be moderated though - been reading through it and saw for instance mefiante get negative points with nothing entered as reason and one even stating “no reason”! I hardly think those should be allowed!

Those probably go back to the early days of the forum when there was no reason asked for to adjust a poster’s karma tally. The only restriction, IIRC, was that you had to wait a full 24 hours before clobbering the same someone again… ;D


Moderation of SAS? For the most part, I suspect that the very idea that hero members are aware and watching will probably moderate the scoring activities. Although, that probably won’t work for someone who is smarting from a wrangle and just wants to be petty and vindictive.

self-moderation - I like it :wink: you posting seems to be working!

I concur.

I learn a lot here, but the majority of my own posts/threads are general issues/knowledge stuff since I really cannot contribute anything super intelligent in the clever threads, it wont stop me though, I like it here and I’m comfortable with this crowd.

As a member here for going on three years the lack of pressure to post has been one of the features I enjoy the most. I am a member at 5 or 6 other sites some being linked into the industry I worked in and others related to various interests, on some the pressure to post or compete for post numbers (irrespective of content) is high and IMO detracts from the value of the forum.
I believe that there are many who are able to express their and often my ideas with a greater degree of fluency than I can so read and agree without diluting the thread with poorly worded agreement. I get much from the members and hope that in my small way I add value when I do contribute.

I’m noticing a phenomena here that must have an official name, somewhere, that I’m unaware of. But in my own stupid way I just call it consumerism.

  • This post contains rampant references to the collective “you” which should not be read as “you”: a specific person -

When the Canon 350d was launched people were up in arms, “OMW it’s the best evar at a low price! I must have one!” But, as soon as the 400d hit the shelves the 350d was old hat and useless and nobody wanted it.

Meanwhile back in reality land, the 350d didn’t stop being awesome all of a sudden. The rage about it was probably well founded and you could still take stunning photo’s with it (like many people did, and still do). But the average consumer, who could not even use that camera to it’s full capabilities, needed more, better, greater, and most importantly, NEWER! Because, simply, it was now available, other people had it, and so must you, obviously. They didn’t need it, or have it, their entire lives before that point, but now they did.

Lemme ask this: A week ago nobody had this functionality, and mostly we didn’t care, and our lives were FINE without it, save maybe for Faerie. But now suddenly there’s this hidden glint of something you cannot have, if you post a lot, you could “gain” it. Now you MUST post 500 posts to have it? But a week ago you couldn’t care enough to ask? Why? What changed? Why was everything hunky-dory but now you have an urgent need? Your situation now is EXACTLY the same it has been all this time!

NOW: I do not knock change, and especially positive change and improvement. I just lament our very human jealousy of what other have vs. what we have. Even if what we have is entirely sufficient. Maybe lament is a wrong word; I muse on it, I find myself intrigued by it. Still, it seems petty, on a level.

AND NOW THE HOWEVER!: I LOVE the fact that people act like this. I’m a big believer in second hand goods and trust me when I say, I only buy cars at way WAY below their “new” price because people think it will explode when it goes over a certain age - or motorplan (I then drive it for another nicely-discounted 10 years), and besides the Jones’ have one with NIGHT-VISION, ooooh, the one from 3 years ago is totally useless now that we have THAT information. - Safe to say if you saw my current collection of vehicles(3), you would think I earn much more money than I actually do. All the luxury at a fraction of what it cost to make. Always a bargain.

So, not like I’m winging on about it. I like it, but struggle to understand it.

If you were referring to any of my comments - they were intended more as fun than anything else. It’s not like I’m going to flood crap to get to 500. The issue is not a big deal to me, in all honesty. If you weren’t referring to any of my comments - please ignore.


Hey, I was simply curious as to what I said and where that impressed someone, dont blame me!!! :smiley:

Its a fun feature, and I’m sure thats the true appeal, we all thrive on compliments (and get miffed at insults - which is why we have a flaming section), and lets face it, it did cause a nice little buzz when it became available.

I dont think its going to have all that a great an impact on the amount of posts, maybe initially for those “older” members with a low count, but that would simply be because we “know” each other as a group and would like to know what the others are up to.

Maybe drop it to 250 posts, it would still exclude the trolls and fly-by-night newbies?

I must say I am quite surprised at the reaction this got. Boogie, I share your thoughts and am intrigued by the reasons for this.
As to moderation of the comments - I found after implemented the added reason feature way back that members were moderating themselves. And like the rest of the forum, I’m not going to interfere unless it gets out of hand.

I also don’t think it will have that big an impact on forum posts - not frivolous posts anyway. There are better ways to waste time with bigger rewards. Especially after the fad wears off. Honestly, I rarely check the SAS logs at all these days. |-O :wink:

Anyway I reckoned… making 500 posts is not easy and if someone spams THAT much they may just be insta-banned by the grayblue guy. So no worries.

I have a suspicion that just akse-ing for a reason makes people think twice about doing frivolous moderation.

Thanks to shameless bribery and my now adjusted attitude towards mormons - the post limit is now at 250 :wink:

You’re just an old softie at heart, making excuses. 0:)

I'm noticing a phenomena here that must have an official name, somewhere, that I'm unaware of. But in my own stupid way I just call it consumerism.

I think the phenomenon you’re referring to, BoogieMonster, is simply called human nature.

Seriously, I’m keen to see the SAS list because it is great to get feedback and self-moderate. And hopefully, because the group doesn’t really know you socially, this is a slightly less biased way of getting some objective feedback.

(P.S. Only 250 - 41 posts required until Lurkie is a hero. Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

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