Skeptical Pirates

Well it’s official I’m a pirate. I successfully seeded the recent Dawkins documentary “Faith School Menace?” using BitTorrent. You can check out the listing I posted on The Pirate Bay here:

There are still not enough seeders though so I would appreciate some help. :slight_smile: Seeding the torrent initially was actually a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Call me a geek, but I had fun watching the information moving between peers. What I liked most though was the tacit nod of approval I received from Dawkins himself in the form of a link which he posted to the torrent here:

Does anyone else here do online file sharing? If you do why not post links to skeptical torrents and stuff here. I will try to seed as much as I can.

BluEGrAY are you still cool with me uploading torrents?

Well, well - congrats on your newfound …erm… pirateship.


The FSM approves of pirates.

Thanks for the encouragement. ;D

Though I think pirateships could only be described as “found” in the loosest possible sense. Hahaha. Arrr! :wink:

Here’s some more digitally liberated booty, this time Dawkins’ recent BBC radio documentary, The Age of The Genome. This one’s much smaller and very well seeded, a good torrent to start with if it is your first time.

The FSM approves of pirates.

…And we Pastafarians celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day on the 19th September.

See here.

Excellent work - thank you so much!

I’ve seen “The root of all evil” by Dawkins, and what an excellent documentary. Can’t wait to get this one!

Dawkins was brilliant this morning, as usual. ;D

I’ve set up an RSS feed on which I will post links to torrents of all the media I can find featured on

If you add this feed URL to your BitTorrent client it will download them automatically. I will try to keep it as up-to-date as possible but if there are any torrents I should add please let me know. Check it out: Torrent Feed

I’ve set up a new feed, also been tweeting like mad:

Atheist Torrents

I don’t have the necessary data allowance to watch all that much video online. I do shamelessly download stuff from YouTube, mind you.

Don’t know anything about torrents, and I’m rather paranoid about picking up viruses that way.

And just in case anyone feels guilty about all the pirating…