Skeptics in the Pub Joburg - May 2012

Delayed by a week to take place on Wednesday the 9th of May.

The usual venue for the meetings in the west (The Keg and Spitfire) has closed and we will need to find a new regular venue for the meetings in the west.

Please add suggestions for venues near Randburg or Cresta and we will decide on the venue by Saturday.

The Facebook event details are here.

The details on Plancast can be found here.

The venue has been chosen as Founder’s Grill in the Cresta Shopping centre (narrowly defeating The Baron at the Posthouse in Bryanston). If you have any suggestions for future meetings, we’d be happy to hear them.

If you’re not sure where to find Founders in the shopping centre, it’s near to the Barnyard Theatre, directly opposite the Spur.