Snake oil

I’ve just been invited to a presentation that will guarantee me my R350 attendance fee back in JUST ONE DAY, should I, of course, decide to buy their product:

Its great on animals (

Exciting reports of success rate amongst animals is reported. Animals do not have the conscious mind that interferes
:stuck_out_tongue: and humans because:

QUANTEC® Scans bio-fields of the whole animal; physical, mental & emotional

A diode that generates “white noise” is used to scan and correct subtle problems

Identify, physical, environmental and energetic stresses

Formulate a comprehensive therapy plan

Broadcast therapy to the target
Harmonize and balance the body energy fields

Affordable and Easy to operate

Just look at this utter nonsense:

Quantec® scans the energy fields of the whole subject; physical, and when applicable, mental and emotional.

Quantec® addresses the cause of disease and once neutralized, the symptom disappears.

Quantec® determines what is required by the living organism to live and express maximally, be it a plant, animal or human.

Quantec® is easy to operate by any person regardless of age, who has a basic knowledge of a computer, has a passion to improve the quality of life of themselves, others and any form of life.

Quantec® Distance healing is possible for anyone anywhere in the world

Areas of applications for this technology are practically unlimited. Business, animals, farms, agriculture, wildlife, crops, water, seedlings, diseases, emotions, intent and many more than you can imagine.

Thanks to modern computer technology, remote scanning and treatment –Distance healing is now possible, regardless of where you are in the world. This process is called Bio-communication.

I regret the fact that i have ethical and moral values. I’d have been filthy rich and retired by now.

LOL I could not sell that stuff with a straight face.