so Science proves a Creator didit after all


So many quotes out of context: but it’ll warm the hearts of xtians
Neither does he prove the positive existence of a deity (must have been intelligent design) only that atheism defies logic and reason or tries to…

Hrm. It is quite disingenuous to quote Christopher Hitchens as the opposition and then pretend a moment later that Dr. John Lennox is also in the opposing camp and is supposedly conceding to the fine-tuning argument. He’s anything but.

Just in case:

“Unlikely” does not a preclusion make.

“Science itself suggests that we cannot be the result of random forces” is an extreme overstatement. If anything science is the one thing out there suggesting the hardest that we are exactly that.

“The best argument for …” != the truth.

It’s not a valid assumption that current estimates are necessarily any better than earlier estimates.

At what point has sience proved god? When science PROVES god, and no sooner. Not the relative unlikelyhood of life existing in an possibly infinite uni/meta-verse.

I did like his framing “Doesn’t assuming X require less faith?”. To quote “Under Siege 2”: “Assumption is the mother of all fuckups”

fine tuned universe ::slight_smile:

didn’t Douglas Adams destroy this argument? yes, why yes he did |-O