Some more climate change denialism propaganda

Recent terrible articles from those oh so reputable publications Engineering News and Mining Weekly :frowning:

E-Skeptic’s got a nice one on this.

There were also large official posters, including two large ones
And this guy expects us to take him seriously?

The Engineering News article by Kelvin Kemm mentions how he was wandering around with Lord Monckton. For those who don’t know Monckton is a complete joke, some fairly good take down here, the fact that he mention this positively tells us all we really need to know. I attempt a comment, it is awaiting moderation.

Nice find Benjammin. Brilliant videos.

Agreed. Great stuff. Thanks.

They are from greenman3610’s climate crock of the week series on youtube, great for keeping up with the latest wing nuttery :slight_smile:

I wonder what happened to my comments in this thread. Please tell me they weren’t moderated out of existence because they might be unpopular. Please tell me it is only some weird software glitch.

I have an honours in geology and did chemistry and environmental geochemistry as well. I am a complete fence sitter on the issue of anthropogenic global warming and find it hard to believe so many “non-scientist” have taken to global warming and pleading for carbon taxes hook-line-and-sincker.

There are much more pressing issues at hand, namely:

  1. Water scarcity
  2. Population growth and food security
  3. Waste management

This global warming business and the fact that a bunch of stupid ignorant fools who read 1 psuedo-scientific article on global warming no believe they are experts.

I dont go around telling economics that: “As a geologist, I know that - after reading the Introduction to Economics for Dummies - to stimulate growth in South Africa’s economy we would to kill all the butterflys and harvest fertilizer that emerges out of politicians mouths when they speak.”