Space Quiz

There has been a fun space quiz happening on twitter the last few days, search for #SpaceQuiz.

Q1. There are 5 parts each with a numerical answer. Note each answer then after last one, add up all numbers for answer to Q1

Q1.1 How many moons orbit around Mars?
Q1.2 Rounded to the nearest metre, what is the diameter of Hubble Space Telescope mirror?
Q1.3 What is the number of the Apollo mission that landed Armstrong and Aldrin on the Moon?
Q1.4 (Read this carefully) How many millions of km (rounded up) is the average distance between the Earth and Sun?
Q1.5 How many laws of planetary motion did Johannes Kepler devise?

Q2 What is the nearest major galaxy to our own?

Q3 Time for a picture. This photo was in news recently… Which planet was this feature found on?

Q4 What is the general name for lights seen in the sky following intense solar activity?

Question 5 is ‘who or what am I?’ There will be four tweets which should lead you to an answer…

Q5.1 I have been observed since 240bc!
Q5.2 My orbit was determined in 1705.
Q5.3 I am a type of object whose name in Greek
Q5.4 I was visited by Giotto in 1986 (that’s it for Q5 folks)

Q6 What colour torch is best used to minimise affects on an astronomers dark adaption?

Q7 What was the name of the last space shuttle that flew?

Q8 In which space mission was this plaque attached to both spacecraft?

Q9 Which meteor shower peaked last weekend?

Last question coming up. It’s another ‘who or what am I?’ with 4 parts leading you to the answer

Q10.1 There are many different types of me!
Q10.2 By studying my light, astronomers can see what I’m made of!
Q10.3 I am typically only visible at night
Q10.4 There is one example of me in the Solar System