Stellenbosch Skeptics in the Pub

5 May @ Gino’s
See the FB event page for more details.

Don’t know if anybody would be interested, but if I lived in Stellenbosch I would definitely have gone to this event:

Event: The Exhibition of Vandalizim What: Performance Start Time: Saturday, May 1 at 6:00pm End Time: Saturday, May 1 at 9:00pm Where: Star Metals Scrap Yard, Stellenbosch
Zim Ngqawana is a woodwinds musician who was involved in doing amazing work at his Zimology Institute in Joburg until it was vandalized for no apparent reason, but pretty much beyond repair. He and Kyle Shepherd then held a concert in the vandalized space which was filmed and has since pretty much been touring the country. Google for more info - there's plenty - but this specific concert in Stellenbosch will be held in a Warehouse/scrapyard setting. I think its gonna be super cool... 8) If you like jazz-like stuffs with edge...