stem-cell research goes foetus-friendly

A study by researchers at Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Boston has now found that artificial biological signals can be used to “reprogram” regular skin cells (epithelial cells) into entities that are almost the same as embryonic stem cells.
The cells that the Harvard team created (called iPS cells or pluripotent stem cells) not only avert the ethical and moral issues, but might even be better than the conventional embryonic stem cells. For one, they can be taken from easily accessible skin cells from the patient, and entire tissues or organs can be created without the fear of organ rejection.

frikken brilliant. maybe i will get to be immortal after all!

You know - as I get older, I become more and more aware of my mortality - and it terrifies me. I would like nothing more than these medical dudes to find a way of extending our lives. If they ever want to use human experimentation I will be first in line.

You know Steve I’m just the opposite…I am not worried about death at all only the manner of dying; and I don’t want to get old like my mother of 93 who has to be bathed and is incontinent etc. She wakes up every morning and is disappointed she’s still alive!

I try to enjoy every day and after my cancer story I find people hang on to shit…it gave me a different perspective on things. In fact if the cancer returns, I’ll call the family together, OD myself on some lekker sleeping pills and hug each person I love and depart in dignity. That’s also why I’ve signed a Living Will…keeping a person alive on drugs and pipes is quite selfish and unkind. (wtf!!) My wife says I’m the selfish one! ???

I’m also not at all bothered about dying. Some regrets about leaving a void in my loved one’s lives, but for myself, I can just imagine the bliss of nothing. As with Brian, I’d not want to suffer, but death itself, I have no fear.

i dont the dying thing all that much, but too, dont want to die horribly. like get hacked to death in my bed after being raped, because im white.
i worry about who will look after my pets when im gone… the rest i couldnt care about.
i think i would be curious to see what happens when one dies. just for that, im keen to see what happens.

I think nothing happens. You just die.

I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of it, but I really like living though. I’m with Steve, bring on the life extension. And I don’t agree Brian, life extension, in my eyes is not all about being hooked up to pipes and stuff to keep you alive at the bitter end. But more about keeping yourself young and healthy for longer. I can really get behind it. Steve, if you are really, truly serious about this (I’m not quite THAT serious about it, yet). Check out:

YES YES YES! I KNOW! It’s not scientifically proven, hence I’m not for following such a regimen yet, the long-term effects on humans are completely unknown. And there ARE bad known side effects for older folk. But hey, if you’re up for human experimentation, this is where I’d start. Either that or:

Once again, the experiments are so far in very early stages.

#BM I don’t mean you should just lie down, give up and die, bru. I keep very fit and am a lean machine not fat like someone tried to make out some time ago on this forum. I enjoy life as much as I can without f…ing my body up and I have never smoked. My point is that when the curtains truly come down, let it go! Many people believe you don’t have the right to die in dignity when you want to; I say bullshit! People who try to keep you alive because they love you I understand fully but if they really love you, they should also respect your wishes and dignity. Obviously if it is your wish to hang on until the Silent Reaper takes you away, so be it.

Sometimes I wonder why xtians are so petrified of dying ??? surely they’re bound for heaven and should in fact be in a hurry to get there! >:D

You forget that it’s their fear of death that makes them xtians in the first place.

And yah, this is why I agree with you, YES keep yourself as fit and as young as possible for as long as possible. However when things get really shit I’m not against euthanasia.

i recon, that by the time i check myself in the mirror, and i think, shit, i dont want to struggle with this body/disease/demented mind anymore. then off yourself, in whichever fashion you please. problem is, your family wont get a dead cent from your estate, coz its suicide.
BUT, on the flipside, if the option for euthanasia is going to be put up, then why cant someone, who is perfectly healthy, but just tired of life, not choose to die as well?

Thanks for the links Boogs-Dude. I found the one on calorie restriction interesting. VERY interesting. I actually eat very little, just an apple in the morning, one meal at my gigs, and bread before sleeping (for the carbo’s). Been doing this for many years and I think I look pretty young for 51, so there may be some truth in the whole thing.

Actually fear of death can sometimes be a good thing. I have an enormous amount of respect for other people’s lives and for the pulse of life in other living things. About the only critters I can kill are mozzies, and then I still feel bad for snuffing out their lights even though they were after my blood (and sleep).

Life Assurance won’t pay out, but your will remains intact.

are you sure? I seem to recall that most LA policies had a 2 year period…might be mistaken.

but any policy i had ever heard of, states very much, that if your death is your own doing, they wont pay out. that included medical aids and funeral policies.
so the money that families need after you die, to pay your hospital bills, bury you, come from policies, that wont pay out. and isnt most people’s money in their wills, locked up in life assurance? or retirement funds?
and i allso think, that the credit protection stuff allso doesnt pay out if its suicide. so all the debt will come off the estate. and the family might end up having to pay into the estate to get things settled. they will lose anything you had intended for them.
im sure there are loopholes. you could allways just walk in front of a bus, and have your family sue the shit out of the bus company…

I presume a life policy may contain a limitation clause like that. The more important point I wanted to make is that suicide would not invalidate your will, nor the law of inheritance, should you die intestate.

Can you imagine an eternity floating around on a white fluffy with the likes of Ken Ham and Sarah Palin, discussing the finer points of riming, supersaturation and nepholic ablation? And what an obnoxious cunt that St. Michael is.

Fuck that eternal life shit.

well, if joan of arc looks anything like milla jovovich, im totally in