STEORN and their new ORBO technology

The quest for green free energy continues.
We suspect that the Energy Giants out there has no interest in giving up their monopoly on Energy sources. it would benefit them if humanity is kept in ignorance on inventions that eliminate the use of fossil fuels for energy.

I work with a guy who is an Astro-physicist. He has a few mates who were offered contracts with NASA, but they had to sign non-disclosure agreements that meant they were NEVER to disclose the nature of the technologies being used.

So there is a company in Dublin (Ireland, who patented a new technology. A divice that produces energy without the use of fossil fuels.

So you think I am lying? Are you rolling your eyes?

Visit their website and see for yourself!!

They are currently inviting scientists and sceptics LIKE YOU to give it a try and check it out for yourself!


Even scepticism must have its limits!

You need to do your homework more carefully. Steorn and Orbo are hardly new. In August 2006, Steorn claimed that Orbo could supply free energy, a claim they have never been able to back up. Instead, they keep moving their deadlines ever farther into the future – about the only thing of theirs that is perpetually in motion. Also, the company’s expertise is e-business, not energy generation, and so, all in all, deep suspicion is warranted.


You just quoted that off that other website now did you?

You did not listen to the guys on the Steorn website, nor did you sign up to test the technology yourself! Instead you just copied a few sloppy lines off a sloppy website…

Shame on you! That make you a second hand sceptic!

No, why?

I did listen to them. I heard no compelling reason to sign up and test anything they claim for myself. If you knew even the first thing about how science works, you’d understand why. Nor, unlike you elsewhere in these pages*, did I copy “a few sloppy lines off a sloppy website,” as an easy Google search will instantly reveal.

The shame is actually yours for gullibility and ignorance. Sadly, you don’t even seem to know it.


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That comes to a 22% plagiarism rate, so far.

Hello Len. I don’t know you at all, except what I’ve learnt through your posts on this site, and it would be presumptious of me to make an evaluation of your mind processes without more information. So I won’t be drawn into a personal attack, however much I would like to slaughter you. We have all read your posts on religion, UFO’s and Green Energy, and I must tell you that, by reading the replies, I am not convinced that you have made too many converts. However, personally I would like to caution you about your mildly abusive remarks to Luthon64. To my mind, his replies to you were well founded.

I would also like to add that skepticism (or scepticism) is a very sane way of looking at all the things that people dream up. It’s not that skeptics will not believe anything. Rather, as a rule, they don’t believe everything. Cynicism, on the other hand, is very much kin to …

About UFO’s: Bring us a little green (or grey or whatever) man, and we’ll believe you. If a green, or otherwise, creature is not available, bring us a piece of their technology, an artifact of whatever kind that can be shown to be of extraterrestial manufacture, and we’ll believe you. Or bring us proof that a “drive” of some sort, a means of travelling (spanning, bridging) the vast distances between star systems exists, and we’ll believe you. Bring us anything that is a proof, and I mean proof, of extraterrestial technology, and we’ll believe you. Words are cheap. Surely, nothing proves that people (including youself, it seems) will believe anything more conclusively than the proven fact that people believe in God. Statues that bleed, seas that split, people of flesh and blood that ascend to heaven, immaculate conceptions, life after death, we’ll believe anything. But PROOF, there’s the rub.

As concerns green energy: I tried to go to the site you provide, and I tell you, it’s just too much bother for nothing, so I just gave up. But maybe you can provide, through this site, what I couldn’t find there. I would appreciate it. The only forms of (so-called) green energy (in this part of the universe anyway) are those that one can get by exploiting natural processes, and even then it can be argued that one is interfering with nature and that the energy is therefore not entirely “green”. You can compost manure to get all sorts of nasty-smelling gases that you can then burn in the atmosphere releasing CO2 and burning O2. So that, although called green, is not very green. Or you can use energy from the Sun or from the wind or from the motion of the sea. Or you can use heat from the magma beneath your feet. The alternative is fusion of fission… well, maybe in years to come for fusion.

Now all these forms of green energy have a downside. If you want to use the Sun, you must manufacture light sensitive cells (Hubble uses them) or you can use infrared to heat some sort of fluid that you can move from place to place. Cells are VERY expensive and must be disposed of in the environment, which makes them a bit off-green. Ditto for infrared systems. Ditto for wind powered alternators. To use sea waves one has to use huge systems due to the very low potential at which that energy is available. Not a good alternative. As the man said, your understanding of science is not too deep.

But I want to add something else: The fact that people blame “gevernments” for obfuscations is an easy way out of not being able to provide proof. And what’s more, governments do indeed need laws to protect their secrets. Having been involved in projects that needed security in a time of dangers from without, I understand and endorse certain security measures (although I am not in favour of muzzling the press).

There’s much more to be said about all this, and books have been and are still written about it. Please get a few good ones.


“Her replies,” but thank you nonetheless. :-*


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