Street/town name change

I am convinced that the map companies are paying ANC officials to change the names over time. The street maps are out of date before they are printed! This is a growth industry. Anybody with more than two brain cells know that something got a name so that people will know what you are talking about. Names should not change but I will allow some changes, what with our history and all that. Local people know that a school or business is still in a particular street whatever it is called. Out of town-ers like me however have to blunder around fiddling with old maps and GPS systems that can not find the streets. So you stop and asked only to be told “turn left at the last robot”. How do I know it is the last traffic light when I reach it?

Another thing that bothers me is that all the new names are political people’s names. Are we going to have another round of changes when the ANC is eventually voted out? There should be a law that you can only name something 50 or a 100 years after a person died. If he is still remembered after that time he/she made their mark and should be remembered. Who is going to remember Mbeki or Zuma? (Mbeki might be remembered for his HIV views and Zuma for…)

Hi, and sorry I have been away for so long.
Tweefo, I know I am not the first person to point out the impending chaos, but just wait until all the foreigners come in for the world cup, especially those who have been to SA in the past, and (think) they know what towns, stadiums, streets, etc. are called!!
When I was still there, I remember when Hans Strijdom became Malibongwe in Randburg (I drove on it every day). The thing that blew me away was that the state of services was a real problem for most people, but when the name of the street changed, all of the signs were up REALLY quickly. In fact, I remember hearing for the first time that the street was changing on the radio, and the next day, I noticed that all the signs were already up. Not just the highway exit signs mind you, but every little street sign along the way…