Stubborn persistance pays off

Anybody who has had any dealing with a cellular provider, eskom, telkom etc etc, will know it’s easier to talk to god than to get your problem solved.
i have found a way to get results.
first, get evidence, be a pictures, a papertrail, an affidavit, whatever. it’s easier to prove something without having to try an explain to some sod over the phone. summarise the problem. don’t copy and paste zillions of random waffling. you are more than likely dealing with some 10th grade drop-out at the other end. make sure to mention the course of action you are going to take if you dont get satisfaction. ICASA, the consumer council, the courts. tell them how bad it wil be for their brand if you go to the press, which you are intending to. make sure to mention, that their lack of service if fraud/theft whatever, and quote a blob out of our consitution if you feel like it.
2. first try the likely avenues for complaining obviously. then get nasty. we know that you never get to speak to anybody of value over a phone. if there is a head-office in your vacinity, go there. maybe you will get lucky, most likely not. take down names of people who said they will help you, but never do.
3. then, try and see what kind of email address people working for the company might use, such as [email protected], or [email protected]. then you google the bastards. like this: * this bring up all the email addresses with that in it. since have to enter your email addie pretty much everywhere, if it’s on the net, you will find it. then, you copy these addies into you new mail. and send!!! i find that don’t use more than 10 addies per mail, the spam filters kick them out. ask for read/receipt reports as well, so you can know who read the mail, but chose to ignore it, handy for ammo later on.
some mails might bounce back, a good few will land somewhere, and likely be forwarded to someone who can/will do something.

then, you might receive a response. even see if there is a third party whose name might catch some bad rep, like a supplier to the company, email bomb them as well. tell them how bad it makes their brand look.

if you dont get love, then off to the courts for you then i suppose…