Superlumic neutrinos!

A neutrino can break the light barrier, just like a supersonic bullet can the sound barrier.

Hows that?


I thought than nothing can move faster than the speed of light, as I understand it that as you approach light speed even time slows down, now how does the neutrinos get away with that? Must be some kinda jedi thing…

Rigil, are you rehashing this?


This ability of a neutrino to break the ambient light barrier is useful in determining the direction from whence it came. But it happens under a specific condition. What is the condition?

Nope. This is slightly different.


Quantum tunnelling is the most readily obvious solution but I’m sure that’s not what you mean — or any other exotic quantum effects such as Hartman, Casimir and/or entanglement (EPR).

So I’ll go with the guess that you mean neutrinos travelling through an optical medium with a refractive index greater than 1.

ETA: If that’s what you mean, it’s not just neutrinos…


Yes, when passing through a medium like water, the speed of light decreases sufficiently to enable a particle to exceed it! Ain’t that something?

19 neutrinos from the 1987 Magellanic supernova were found in this way.



I’ll definitely not mean those. Have a heart! :stuck_out_tongue: