Superstitious beliefs getting more common


seems since religion is no longer fashionable, it’s time to turn to spooks, psychics and bone-throwers.

I can agree with that.

These days people call themselves “enlightened” when they’ve rejected Jehovah and instead want to banter on about the “universal energy” and “the secret” and other nebulous shit like that.

Hell, previously people got their beliefs from a 1000’s of years old book that at least claimed some real-world stuff happened.

Now it seems more fashionable to instead reject that, and just make your own shit up!

just coz the flavour changed, doesnt mean it aint woo.

And its all over. I have a friend that is a nurse and believes in homeopathy, reiki and all that woo shit. This is an intelligent woman that knows you will die if you don’t breath or if your heart stops. She can explain why as well. Yet she believes but can’t explain how alternative medicine helps.

See an old discussion here.

Thanks for the lead BoogieMonster, being new to the forum I am unaware of interleading and supporting posts/threads. This is the second time I have been redirected.

Thanks again

Heh, not really a redirection, just more of a “yeah, I feel your pain”… Didn’t think you’d seen it and thought it may be of interest.

It was definitely of interest. Thanks