Teen pregnancies

A step in the right direction.

This should be country or world wide.

kida are too clever to keep their knees together for this. they will just get more (backstreet) abortions, drink all kinds of weird muti’s to miscarry. boys would deny paternity, and that would lead to who new debacle.
it sound really cool, but kids are way too wiley to get caught with that trick.
kids will do what they do. and i blame media, songs, soapies, and predominently parents, for this pandemic of teen pregnancies. in highschool musical teenagers are smooching, going out on weeknights, and sex is very much implied. on gossip girl, teenagers are shown having sex, doing drugs, getting pissed.
when i was in school, i wasnt even allowed to go for sleepovers, nevermind have a boyfriend. and im eternally gratefull for that. i managed to hand on to my innocence till in my twenties, and have never had a one-night stand in my life. and im proud of that.

i have a theory, or rather an idea. that each and every baby must be sterilized, and if you want kids, you must apply to have the sterilization reversed. just like when you want to adopt, you have your life picked apart, to make sure you can look after this kid. i think the same should apply for if you want to spawn. its easy to get pregnant. but not so much to raise a balanced, healthy and loved child.

Sounds like something a fundamental xtian would have come up with… You’re talking about complete and utter control of people by whoever might be in charge? Having no choice whatsoever over your body as a woman (or man)? You think a xtian leader will allow you as an atheist to have child regardless of how capable you might be as a prospective parent? Eish… (aside from the fact if you sterilise a baby it may have implications on their development during puberty)

I think the carrot on the stick might work - the carrot possibly being a bursary allocation or working learnership somewhere, plenty young people just need to have something to focus on in the future to prevent them from doing something dumb now.

they will continue to have sex. they will just get rid of the fetus to make sure they get the reward.

human beings have shown, and have continued to show, that they are incapable of sustainably living on this earth. we are grossly over-populated, with more and more living below the breadline, depending on governments to bail them out. orphanages are bursting at the seams. i think if we knew how many abortions are performed daily, we would be ill.
and who-ever are to head up population control, wont care what your religion is, they would care if they can make money off you.
many people will be sorely heartbroken to know that they cannot have kids, because they dont meet some criterion, but then again, what is the use having a child, and not being able to offer that child any and all the world can offer it.
i donate my eggs to people who cant have kids, and both my DNA and theirs are scrutinized and tested for disease and abnormalities. thus, you can even be sure that the child you bear, is going to be healthy, and not end up with mental illness or something of the like.

the world is moving toward machines doing everything. where will people find work, when a machine does the job of 20 men? how will they eat? how will they send their kids to school?

the world is filled to the brim with stupid people. people live for the now, and dont think about future actions. the world needs visionaries, to think ahead, and do something now.
the world is up in arms about global warming, and putting things in place now to try and halt or slow it down.
what is being done about humans breeding like rabbits?

I agree with Faerie. A bursary, a goal, for something better. You have to change the mindset of people, so do it in a non - conflict way.

Maybe even take it further, into mid twenties or something. There are to many of us and the parents should be more capable at that age.

you try and change the mindset of a horny 16 year old lightie, who will sell his soul to get into a girl’s panties, and will tell her anything and everything she wants to hear, in order to get laid. including that he wont get her pregnant, or he will help her if she does.
humans are animals, and very few teenagers have the self-control and foresight to keep their knickers out of bounds. the parents should keep them away from situations where they can be exposed to this kind of stuff, and as much as a mammoth task that is, they sure as hell have to try. a contribute my abstinance to my parents teaching me right, and having the fear of god put into me. but mostly, my parents not allowing me to go out with boys, stay out after dark, dress like a little tart, wear make-up. i had all the freedom in the world after school hours, i had my own scooter. but i wouldnt dare go out where i shouldnt.
unfortunately, peer pressure is too strong to be bought with bursaries, and monetary rewards. when you are in school, its more important to be cool, ‘in’ with the in crowd, than to study. am i the only person who remembers what its like to be in school? you dont care about studying, you care about fitting in. about not being an outsider. you have an attitude of dealing with that stuff ‘when you grow up’.
when you have your mates mocking you for still being a virgin, guys calling a koek and a prude for not giving it up, boys telling you every twilight line they know, painting you pictures of bliss… tell me what teenager has the guts to be an outcast, a freak, at a time when they most crave acceptance.

It is a bit like smoking. When it was cool everybody was doing it. The law (no under 18) did not help. These days it did not stop amongst youngsters but it is better. You will not stop sex but maybe a few girls will get the incentive to use contraceptives.

problem with contraception is, that dudes that young, take no responseability for it. and they can easily wangle their way out of wearing a condom, with all kinds of sweet talk like ‘i want to feel you, i cant feel you with that thing on’. how the hell is she supposed to know if he’s lying? and he will tell her ‘i will pull out before i come’. doesnt work. i got pregnant that way, i know.
the pill is fine. if she remembers to take it every day. and then she’s not protected against STD’s. and she will need a prescription from her doctor to get the pill. and they are not cheap. i doubt either she will go and sit in a clinic qeue for hours to wait untill a sister can help her.
you get female condoms, but i have yet to see them on the shelves of the local P’nP.
and not many teenagers know about spermicide gels, cervical caps, the IUD…
its simply a logistical minefield to try and make contraception the solution.
kids must have, firstly, respect for their parents. they should give a shit about dissapointing them by getting pregnant.
secondly, the parents should be PRESENT in kids lives, not just give them R200, and send them out from under their feet. parents should be able to give the ‘birds and bees’ talk. properly. and not just leave it for the kids to find out from friends at school. or from the internet. and kids should be made known, from people who have walked that road, how their lives will be ruined if they end up with a kid as a teenager.
my mum was in the pro-arte school of art, she was on her way to france with her ballet. my dame came around, smooth as hell. bedded her. my gran left them alone to go and dance and socialise. my mum gave birth to my sister at 17.
i grew up in a house that my parents hated each other. coz they had to get married.

A lot of problems can be cured by simply removing the “reward” that is already in place. Poor people in this country have kids so that they can get social grants. The same is true in many other countries, including the UK, where one kid buys you a council flat and an allowance, two buys you a bigger flat and more money, etc.

YES poor people should be helped, but the way it’s done just incentivises poverty and teen pregnancy. “Want to get out from under mommy and daddy? Here’s a way to get some money to live off…Have a kid!”

Wow. Even my marriages were one night stands.

my one and only marraige lasted like, 5 months. do i qualify?

Yes. I just read my post and I don’t want anyone to get the wrong end of the stick. When I say my marriages were one night stands I don’t mean they only lasted one night. I means they began as one stands, but after that night the future Mrs St0neses understandably fell deeply in love and proposed. I’m just a guy who can’t say no, hence the marriages.