Telling it like it is on Hellopeter

There are often classic comments on Hellopeter. Here’s one for fun about Telkom:

Why must they care , there is no real comp out there for them , useless . The staff are just as useless , called in last night to report a fault , nothing , called this afternoon again yes we will log a fault for your line , hahaahahhahahahahah, but let my ISP forget to cancel my line and I install a new one in a dif premises , and that one falls behind ... hahahahahah dan sny die poese sommer jou lyn BEE[489657]

My brand new guess bikini which i paid R800 for broke after wearing it 4 times. This happened on the beach and caused me a LOT of embarresment! The clip securing the bikini top at the back broke without any reason, resulting in my bikini top flipping up!!!!!![497395]

Hehe! ;D