The beauty of Hitchens

Here follows a bit of unabashed hero worship:

I am sure, there are not many on this forum who do not know about Christopher Hitchens. If you don’t, please have a look at this :
Sharpton / Hitchens Debate - Can Morality Exist Without God?

Hitchens sinks Al Sharpton like a leaky Russian battleship. But then again, has any debater ever stood up to the beautiful barrage which is the Hitchens intelect.

The quote from him I like best was from, I think, “God is not Great” and was made when the yanks had their “no child left behind” campaign. He said the Catholic Church’s policy was “no child’s behind left”. Hilarious.

Yup. Hitchens is great. A bit waffely and over-the-top intellectual (so the simple folk, like Christians, miss his wisdom) but still brilliant. So yes … I’m also a fan.

Yeah, gotta love how the Hitch takes on everyone. I downloaded the whole thing here (228MB) a while back. Al Sharpton came across as a rather lousy opponent in my opinion.

Only discovered this today. How could I have missed it before?!

Wow. Just wow.


Holy cow has it been 11 years already?! HOW?! I’m dizzy…