The Burglar in the Bin Bag

Have any of you heard of Arthur Goldstuck? Before the other day I hadn’t, but it turns out he’s a rather prominent South African skeptic. He’s written no fewer than six books on urban legends. His latest is “The Burglar in the Bin Bag”, which is really good and funny to boot. The Daily Maverick has an article:

I attended the book launch and got to speak to him a bit, and he agreed to do a talk for SITP Joburg…

Very cool. I read that article the other day, might get the book then.

He also runs a company called World Wide Worx which, over the years, has tried to market itself by releasing statements and “research” papers relating to the net which have been stunning for their articulation of the blindingly obvious. Me myself, I have consequently found him to be mostly pretty painful, along with his World Wide Wanx.

Oh, come now, cut him a little slack. He set himself up as an expert on the internet right at the start when the 'net was new and there weren’t any experts. He just got in on the ground floor and has been making a pretty good living from it since. More power to him; wish I’d thought of it first.