The Chiro's are coming

Sorry for starting a new thread, but the alternative is to necro a 2009 thread.

Quote from the article:

“Simple chiropractic checkups now can have a lasting impact on your child’s long-term health,” DeMoss’s website reads.

—Well, that much is true… :slight_smile:

My experience with those who believe in chiropractic is that they have suffered a subluxation of the BS detector, and there is nothing you can do for them: their belief in it is as unshakable as the belief of creationists or flat earthers. And like those people, they did not come to their beliefs via evidence, and therefore won’t be dissuaded by evidence.

Nowadays I just can’t be bothered anymore: I let Darwin sort it out.

Problem is that Darwin is too slow. Most loonies have their kids in their early twenties and only start dying off, because of their loony ideas, in their fifties or later.

Yes, but they frequently manage to kill their own offspring via alternative medicine and other loony stuff, so their genes go nowhere. :slight_smile: