The end of days are upon us

[Quote]And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond to receive a mark on their right hand, or on their foreheads; and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast or the number of his name.
But that is not what I want to talk about.

Can you imagine the day that you dont have to rifle through your wallet (or whore’s handbag) for a card or cash to pay your goods but just scan your hand?

[Quote]Our waiter held out the phone as I thrust my clammy fist forward. Nothing registered. My stomach dropped. He waved the phone like a metal detector around the whole of my fist. Finally, a beep. We locked eyes, pupils dilated. Numbers were input. Another beep. Then, the ching of a cash register. The sweetest sound.
The technology is there, I suspect we are just waiting for the right high school drop-out with a clever idea to make it happen.

What is your take on this?

Afterthought: the same one going through your head, how many one-handed victims of crime will be there in this country…

That’s a long article, I skimmed… (get it?)

There are many reasons things like fingerprints are a terrible security measure. One is because they’re really easy to steal. Very easy. Ever watch one of those police dramas where the dude gets the other dude some water and then takes his fingerprint? It’s that easy. Imagine a wireless device, signal boosted, that can scan the chip in your hand from 20 meters away… and boom, your “card” is compromised. Oops. BTW, real life hackers have already done this with these new wireless credit cards. Lot easier than fixin’ a drink.

But the other problem with fingerprints (or any biometrics) we don’t consider that much is this: You can’t revoke a fingerprint. It’s yours, for life, never changing (Save for costly surgery and/or a lot of pain). If someone compromises your credit card, no problem… Bank revokes card, issues you a new one. How do we do that with stuff planted in our bodies? We have to get it cut out, a whole medical procedure has to happen… But, what happens when the manufacturer realises there’s some fundemental flaw in their system and they have to replace all the implants? Sounds like a heck of a lot more work than replacing a plastic card.

In my skimming one person pointed out that plastic works great. I agree. Must be getting old. But I don’t see the point.

He-he, kinda funny you should mention that today. I paid for some hardware this morning … bet you can guess what it added up to. 8)

Why not? Most people have ten distinct fingers, some even more. Whorl that do? :wink:

I had to get two of my cats “rechipped” because of some flaw or another in the chip, true this. Myself, I’m happy with the cards,I do most of my shopping online now anyways, even groceries, order now and three hours later they deliver… no funny people running their carts into my heels or tall barefooted men with tacky too tight shorts walking over me because I’m under their sight-line or big women with butterfly tatoos blundering down isles oblivious to the fact that they take up the space of four normal sized people, no screaming kiddies wanting stuff their parents cant afford running around with lethal plastic swords…

I utterly hate shopping.

Looks like it adds up to the raw materials required for building a stout well-lit cage with good feeding arrangements to house The Beast.

Do I hath understanding? :wink:


I’ll tell you this much about the Beast. We have a nine year old that must rise at 6 to make it to school (he’s a slow dresser). But often he refuses to extract himself from bed, even after being called thrice. Then Mrs Kent will instruct me to Release the Beast. And I do what I have to. I’d open the back door, and allow the shorty Jack Russell in. She would immediately dart to the kid’s room, and with a well aimed dive plough right under the Superman duvet, setting everything thereunder into a frenzy with her cold nose. You don’t necessarily get a happy kid back, but he is supremely alert.


The solution to so many problems:

While it may accomplish much in the way of filial alacrity at dawn, “Release the hounds!” is not a biblical reference.

Just sayin’…