the hipocracy of the religious

i was at ink and iron this weekend. i was only there to enter one of my tattoos into the competition, but alas, i had to hang around for a good deal of hours, and so i sat quietly aside, and watched the humans. the big majority is of the, erm, lower caste of society.
a group of rotund ladies came and sat next to me. biker tannies. they belonged to some biker gang, and their vests covered in patches for rallies. half of the pathces are religion related. bible-rally this. jesus no1 that.
what irked me tho, is the profuse swearing going on. swearing not being the issue, maybe just the insane amount of it, for no apparant reason. and them having tattoos. and the tannies having nails a good 3cm long, obviously of artificial construct. bling of note on every available service.
now, as far as i can remember, the bible has an issue with swearing, and tattoeing, and vanity. just saying.
i had a really hard time not going over to them, and asking them to explain the whole idea to me. toting jesus-kit, but being sinners to the max. i thought better of it in the end. thus i still have my teeth.

I know the type you’re referring to, I’ve been part of the biking fraternity for the last 8 years or so, and some of the cliques are really of the dubious kind. BUT, you find it in any social group/environment regardless of the passion at hand, so its not really suprising to me. You get stupid people on all levels of “class”.

The irony of this particular group though, is that in their efforts to be “different” and “tough” they simply fall into exactly the same trap as the upstanding “Mevrou Dominiee” and “Mevrou Dokter” does at the PTA meetings at the schools - that is, they assume the “status” of their partners as their own, and that by simply sitting their asses on the pillion seat of a superbike grants them the individuality they so desperately crave, not realising, that at the end of the day, they’re just as much an item to their partners as the bikes are. All rather pathetic really.

I often wonder why women find it so hard to figure themselves out, we tend to have far more issues than men do.

Or, as a dear one once approximately said to someone else, “Do something wild and unusual. Then you can join all the other individuals.” :wink:


Or to approximately quote South Park:

Goth Kid 1: “You can only be a non-conformist if you wear black makeup and clothes and listen to goth music like we do.”
Other Goth Kids in melancholy choir: “Yeah…”

i had a very much of a feeling that, every one there is special, just like everyone else there. i think i might have been the least tattooed, the only non-smoker, the only one not drinking/drunk. the only woman not wearing tiny shorts (not mattering what body size they are).
i was the only there with neon-pink hair though. and the only one who had the balls to enter the ‘best chest tattoo’ category. guess who got one helluva cheer when it came to show and tell?

This illustrates the point quite nicely. It’s from an exerpt on BBC H20 by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston interviewing the Bishop of Sherbourne who had spent his day blessing some sailing school boats.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston: The fact of the matter, Bishop, is that disasters sometimes do happen even to things that are blessed.

The Bishop of Sherbourne: Oh yes…

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston: Does this mean the blessing hasn’t worked?

The Bishop of Sherbourne: No, it doesn’t, it doesn’t at all, and, um,
the question of natural evil in the world is very complicated, God has
given us free will and there’s a mystery when really awful things
happen, you know, there are shipwrecks and things so we continue with
what we’re asked to do and God weaves his purposes within that. There
is an awful story of a woman who was going to cross the
Atlantic and she missed the boat and the boat sank, um, and this woman
went up to Frederick Temple, the archbishop of Canterbury, and said to
him, “Do you think that was a case of providential interference?” and he
said, “Well, I don’t know you really, do I? It may or may not be.”

;D ;D Harrr HAR harr. Hee-hee … uh …uhm. Sorry. :-[