The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy Trilogy - Douglas Adams

Any Douglas Adams fans out there?
I just love the guy, he’s so nonsensical and funny and at the end you feel like it either makes sense or you’re going completly mad.

Yes he is/was great and actually the film did the Hitchiker’s books justice. Have you read The Salmon of Doubt??

I’ve only but read the guide series:
The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
The Restaurant a the end of the Universe
Life, the Universe and Everything
So long, and thanks for all the fish
Young Zaphod plays it safe

The movie was okay, I guess, I won’t say that it did it justice though…

The two Dirk Gently’s books are well worth the effort iirc :smiley:

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency & Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul

Just finished Terry Pratchet’s Small Gods…hilarious stuff: especially liked his:

There are billions of gods in the world. They swarm thick as herring roe. Most of them are too small to see and never get worshipped, at least by anything bigger than bacteria, who never say their prayers and don’t demand much in the way of miracles… because what they lack is belief…gods need belief…for a very few the sky’s the limit

D. Adams is the man, he’s the only writer that can really get me to “turn the pages” and laugh hysterically.

I’ve hardly ever found T.P. funny, I get bored reading his books. I do appreciate that lots of people love his work though. Thus I find this quite sad, but also kinda cool, in a morbid kind of way:

"Beloved science fiction and fantasy writer Terry Pratchett has terminal early-onset Alzheimer's. He's determined to have the option of choosing the time and place of his death, rather than enduring the potentially horrific drawn-out death that Alzheimer's sometimes brings. But Britain bans assisted suicide, and Pratchett is campaigning to have the law changed. As part of this, he has visited Switzerland's Dignitas clinic, an assisted suicide facility, with a BBC camera crew, as part of a documentary that will include Britain's first televised suicide. Pratchett took home Dignitas's assisted suicide consent forms."

@ Boogiemonster: Cannot agree more!

They’re both full of really interesting ideas.