the in group

I’ve been following these atheists arguing amongst themselves. It’s so much more interesting when we argue with ourselves than with woo. Which in turn led me to this large list of awesome female atheists.

We’re fortunate we have female representation on this forum. I’m guessing we’re not racially representative, so according to PZ we should be approaching the other race groups, ask why, then shutting up and listening. It would be cool if we had a “large list of awesome SA skeptics”.

I’m still find it awesome when I come across a fellow (outspoken) female atheist, they’re like chicken teeth. As for other races, I have’nt come across a single one, it would be nice though to have some of them join, from a cultural perspective they might have some interesting input to share.

i think, that religion, often puts the onus of the familie’s spiritual wellbeing on the woman of the house. i sure got the speach from former mother-in-law. so when the man falls off the bandwagon, or the kids, the mother/wife gets blamed. when the man cheats, its allso the wife’s fault. bullshit, but anyways. so, i think, even if the wife/woman is atheist, she keeps it to herself, and plays along for the sake of the family.
other cultures, there may be a bigger ‘outcast’ factor involved, so they shutup as well. but the majority of indians i encounter, rarely go to mandhir, just for the sake of family. its a cultural thing, not religious. they dont actually think there is a elephant headed god in the sky somewhere.
black people are kak scared of the ancestors, so they keep their side clean.
but, i think, in general, people just keep their thoughts to themselves, for the fear of being ostracized. i dont blame them.

Race and skepticism is certainly something we SA skeptics need to discuss. There are black skeptical activists (Leo Igwe, for one), certainly, but I don’t know about a South African black skeptical activist.

Well, a quick scroll through the facebook group gives me three black, one asian and five indian SA skeptics, out of 240 members. Most of them identified by their photos, and one by name and statuses.

A precious few…