The Infinite chocolate bar

The Infinite Chocolate Bar Puzzle (a visual riddle)

While some can reportedly pull off a similar trick with bread rolls and Galileean whitebait.

Wait, Jesus also digitally manipulated a picture to fake an extra piece being generated? Way ahead of his time that guy.

Doubt it. Check this out:

Infinite Chocolate Trick !

Not gonna catch me that easy: The top right part becomes taller during the line-drawing overlay.

Why at 0.13 does the chocolate disappear? That step is unnecessary! Suspicious.

The answer is quite obvious when you try the trick with a chocolate slab made of square blocks. Go ahead and do it with some paper. The first video is guilty of digital trickery where it segues back to the starting point at just the moment where what has happened is about to become clear. The second video doesn’t use the same trickery but you should see exactly where the “extra” block came from if you look closely at the initial and final states of the slab. (Hint: In the second video, the brief overlay is irrelevant except that it’s a distraction – but not from any underhandedness; ask instead what would happen if you were to repeat the procedure!)


Infinite Chocolate Bar Explanation / Solution (spoilers of sorts)

Infinite chocolate explained