The key to life

How many of you received a key for your 21st birthdays and what did you do with the damn thing?

I managed (once again) to offend a “lady” here at work who has bought her son a key for his 21st B/day this coming weekend. I lifted an eyebrow when she told me she paid almost R500 to have the rediculous thing made to order.

To me its one of those really outdated traditional things that makes zero sense at all. I started working at 17 and although I couldnt vote at that age, I had a checking account and was able to get married. Now the voting/legal adult age is 18, so why the hell does people still cling to these really funny traditions. It really confuses my sensibilities.

As long as she spent the past 21 years giving him the instructions for the use of the thing!

Happy 21st birthday! You get this extremely useless dust-collector for surviving this long. Cheers!

I didn’t know people still gave each other fake keys, tbh. I agree it’s utterly pointless, and one of the reasons I disdain anything that comes in the guise of “tradition”.

I got a bottle of 21 year old single malt scotch. I can’t remember what I did with it.

Of course you do. You were 21, you drank the stuff. >:D

Yes, but I still can’t remember doing so.

Just admit you were stOned.

There’s that of course… :smiley: