The maskandi Elvis

Oh what a circus, oh what a show!
An impostor claiming to be the deceased musician Khulekani Khumalo, better known as Mgqumeni, has drawn thousands of supporters to the village of Nquthu. Mgqumeni II does not claim to be resurrected, but that he has been held captive by people who tried to turn him into a zombie.

He did an interview with Khozi Fm and after that the social media was set alight and overnight, people’s religious beliefs were questioned because if Mgqumeni resurrected then that simply means the pastors have been teaching guesswork. Also that would defeat science because how was this theory to be put into a test tube and tested? About 60000 people descended to Mgqumeni’s homestead in Nquthu to witness what was to be a historic event. Everyone waited for the press conference on Sunday to see for themselves this legend and Lo and behold he came out to meet the fans who on beholding him all cried “It is him!” To add petrol to the fire his two wives confirmed that indeed it is him, so did his grandmother and other relatives. The story making the rounds was that his wives even confirmed that this new “Mgqumeni” has a mole on his privates just like the original one, sparking whispers that they have already been intimate with the man (although it’s none of our business really) However, Mgqumeni’s wave surf was cut short after the fingerprints identified him as Sibusiso Gcabashe and some say Sphamandla Gcabashe but these reports are still to be confirmed.
In the meantime the [i]before[/i] and [i]after[/i] photos show barely any resemblance. While some now insist that the original Mgqumeni's corpse should be exhumed, others fail to see that the alleged impostor could have had any motive. There are also calls that his mental health should be assessed. Surely the mental health of the thousands who fall for such a prank is more suspect?

It’s fairly obvious that Ziyawa Magazine is not very discriminating in its approach to journalistic skill, whether investigative, analytical or linguistic. Be that as it may, gullibility is not a crime against anything other than oneself. In fact, the kind of gullibility on show in this case is frequently its own punishment. This instance will in all likelihood die a slow, mostly unnoticed death over the following few months — until the next Big Thing™ shows up, that is.


Apparently been kept hostage with a dozen or so “zombies” for the last 2 years…

All this for his 15 minutes of fame… Not sure whether one should feel sorry for all involved (including the zombies) or not. :smiley:

Someone should ask him whether or not he came across Elvis during his stay amongst the zombies.