The most idiotic statement made about your non-belief...

My s/o and I had a dreadful year, lots of drama, a couple visits to the courts, selling our house to get away from harrassment, a nervous breakdown for me and a road rage incident for my poor hubby, and still there are no end to all this drama in sight yet. Anyhoes, we are still rational enough to realise that sometimes bad things happen to good people and we’re sitting it out and waiting for the wheel to turn again, which it inevitably will.

My Mother in law though, made a very self assured statement to all and sundry the last weekend…

“Faerie and her S/O are under SATANIC ATTACK!!!”


So share with me the most idiotic statement made about your lack of faith in the sky fairies. I need a chuckle!

I think the largest amount of moronic things I’ve ever seen uttered was by This guy.

Have to give it to him though, he has a “House MD” way of stating his position.

(No, tele doesn’t count, too easy)

We’re often accused along the lines of, “You’re just angry at God.

It makes as much sense as saying that we’re angry at those darn elves we’ve never seen at the bottom of our garden.


Of course we’re also just trying to dodge our responsibilities.

“Maar Brian wat gaan jy doen as jy sterf?”…WTF

I got one close to that once during a discussion at work …

A: So where do you go when you die?
B: Nowhere, I’m dead.
A: Yeah but, I mean, your soul, where will it be?
B: I don’t have a soul, it won’t be anywhere, I’d be dead.
A: I don’t understand, surely there’s something when you die…
B: No, I don’t believe that, I think there’s nothing.
A: But, but, how do you think that’d look?
B: It won’t “look” like anything… [Since we both work in computing] let’s say you turn that PC on your desk off. What does it compute after you turn it off?
A: Wait, blinks… you think your brain is like this PC?! If you turn it off it’s just … GONE?!
B: Exactly.
A: [Look of STUNNED disbelief I’ll never forget.]

LOL, love it when they bring up the afterlife - perfect time to bring up the problem with heaven and hell :wink:

But–but, you must believe in something!