The number 33 - the Chile miners and Jesus link

I saw this on Facebook today and so wanted to comment, but for some reason there wasn’t a comment window for me to speak my mind. Also there wasn’t a thumbs down ‘dislike’ option.

The 33 miners were rescued on the 33rd week of the year;it took 33 days to drill down to them; they were brought up to the surface on 10/13/10 which is =33. They say Jesus, who was crucified at the age 33, was with them the entire time. facebook friends, if you believe in Jesus Christ and His almighty power, repost this...
(wtf!!) They forgot the fact that 33 is the atomic number of Arsenic - something that person making this stuff up should take to help us all!

Lol, nothing more than coincidence. And that person’s logic is also nothing more than numerology.
Why didn’t Jesus stop the accident from happening in the first place anyway.

It’s only survivors of tragedy who proclaim miraculous intervention (dead victims cannot testify, now can they?). There will ALWAYS be idiots who find some way to bring a miracle into these things - it’s annoying.

Absolutely, and not much is made of the tenacious rescuers, the technologies used and indeed the sheer guts of the miner’s themselves…no it’s divine intervention. And most irritating are the churches who ride and will ride this thing as long as possible…there will be a shrine to some saint and indeed watch for a miner(s) saying he saw a vision maybe a virgin (hiehie >:D) down deep saying all will be OK.

i weep for the stupididy of my species

The 33 who survived that mine incident are actually heroes and a testimony to HUMAN resilience - not divine intervention. The fact that they survived the first few weeks on a teaspoon of tuna, and a teaspoon of water, per day is brilliant. And the guy who took charge down there and coordinated their survival should be given a medal. And what about the people who performed the rescue operation (a whole lot of South Africans included)? They should be rewarded for their knowledge and determination. And our human technology (yay Murray and Roberts) that enabled the rescuers to do their work efficiently?

The only miracle with the 33 survivors is the miracle of human effort, human determination and advances in human technology - no gods needed, thank you.

Interestingly there was a lot going on behind the scenes that wasn’t widely reported as part of the “miracle”.
“Don’t want to talk to a psychologist today? Fine, we’ll take away your cigarettes!”

They say Jesus, who was crucified at the age 33, was with them the entire time.
I was just thinking about this - if Jesus was down there the whole time with them - did he also get rescued? If he didn't - oops! If he did, that would make it 34 - totally stuffing up the theory! :D


Thought about this too. If he wasn’t imaginary and did prevent the accident - no-one would know (dun, dun, daaaaa) - and he wouldn’t get any credit for the heroic rescue.

It was a publicity stunt guys…Jesus needed to bolster flagging support what with all us atheists giving him and his followers a hard time.

What’s perhaps even more telling is that the putative 33-year-old three-in-one-and-one-in-three god needed a deep, dark, dangerous and inhospitable hole to work this “miracle.” The metaphorical value is priceless.

Also, the numerology is dodgy because 33 isn’t a prime number, so the symbology is already off kilter. Nor is 33 years divisible by 12 apostles, which prevents an integral years per apostle result and since god made the integers (all the rest being the work of man), the hypothesis is falsified. Still not convinced? The binary representation of 33 decimal is “100001,” i.e. two ones and four zeroes. The ones correspond to “true” and the zeroes to “false” so that we have two truths and four falsehoods. As everyone knows, two wrongs don’t make a right, so it follows logically that four wrongs don’t make two rights. Thus, the four falsehoods outweigh the two truths and the whole hypothesis divides itself by zero, nullifying everything, and the hypothesis is again reductio-ed ad absurdum. QED.

Oh, and the fights over whose god gets the credit already began a while ago.